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【WEBメディア】マーケティング/編集ディレクション ID:24973

Job Description

- マーケットリサーチ、マーチャンダイズなどのご経験を活かしていただけます(自分で考える力とセンスのある方であれば経験は必須ではない)。

- パートタイムの場合
 シフトイメージ ①週4日、1日8時間拘束 ②週5日、1日5時間程
- フルタイムの場合
Required Qualifications
- マーケティング、企画、マーチャンダイズ等、数値データや検索データを分析したご経験をお持ちの方
- エクセルスキル
- ギフト、プレゼント、新製品、相手が喜ぶことなどに興味がある方
- 英語力歓迎(必須ではない)
- ネットの理解がある方歓迎
Salary Monthly Salary 15 〜 20
Location East

★【日系最大手ゲームデバック】カスタマーサービス ID:24376

Job Description ゲームに関するお問い合わせにメール、電話で対応して頂きます。
- メール、電話で日本からのお問い合わせに対応
- 英語と日本語の翻訳業務
- 問い合わせ問題内容と解決方法の確認
- 上司に対して業務報告
Required Qualifications - 英語ビジネスレベル(社内コミュニケーション)
- カスタマーサービス経験
- 、未経験も歓迎
- PCの基本的操作が行える方

Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location Central,North

Translator(japanese language) ID:24979

Job Description - Translate from to English and vice versa for meetings, technical reports and emails
- Assist expatriate as real time interpreter during meetings and discussion.
Required Qualifications - Fluent in English and (both written and spoken) more than JLPTN2 to translate technical documentation
- Proficient in Microsoft Office
- Minimum 2-3 of translation & interpreter
- Interest in games, both in playing and development is a big plus
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

Web designer (japanese language) ID:24597

Job Description - Creation and designing Web site / company HP
- Coding to WEB site
- Main clients are company.
- Creation website
- Creation 10 sites monthly in busy season.
- 2 staffs and 1local staff in office.
- manager speaks almost .

- Adobe
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
Required Qualifications - Singaporean.
- experience of web designer,
- skill of at least N3 level for conversation with native clients and internal staff.
- Having the knowledge of HTML, CSS.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location City

Build & Automation Engineer ID:24978

Job Description - Reports to Engineering manager to plan and execute studio wide build and automation services
- Strive to stay current with latest automation technologies
- Continually improve CI/CD tools and processes
- Design and deploy automation tools for building games on consoles and PC
- Monitor live build processes and maintain the health of all build services in the studio
- Works closely with development teams and IT to resolve day to day operational build issues
Required Qualifications - 1 year+ experience in software build management and 2+ as a software developer
- Experience in UE4 console game development is preferred
- Good technical understanding of game development and technology, including the content creation
pipeline and game development cycle
- Current with latest CI/CD trends with experience setting up both hardware and software
- Comfortable writing scripts to validate and automate internal build processes when necessary
- Proficient in multiple version control tools like Git, Perforce, SVN etc.
- Experienced using off the shelve CI/CD solutions like CruiseControl, Jenkins, Gradle etc.
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000SGD 〜 9,000SGD
Location West

Producer ID:24976

Job Description - Managing deliverables and development schedule of a AAA game title.
- Acting as a link between the development staff and the upper stakeholders.
- Work with team leads to determine time and team necessary to see projects through to completion.
- Track and identify task interdependencies and coordinate with team leadership to identify risks and ensure timely and accurate milestone deliveries.
- Drive the completion of project goals and facilitate communications and accountability across all departments.
- Develop and track discipline schedule(s), such as Engineering, Art, Design, Audio, QA, Localization and Outsourcing.
- Assign and prioritize development tasks for a team size of 40 and above.
- manage resources in order to keep the project on schedule.
- Take the initiative to identify and solve roadblocks and bottlenecks that may hinder production.
- Work closely with Quality Assurance team to resolve issues in a timely manner to maintain game stability and ensure implementation is in line with design.
Required Qualifications - Must have project management in game industry
- 3 year+ experience working as a producer/project manager in video game development.
- Shipped 1 AAA console title as a lead producer or 3 AAA console titles as an associate producer
- Experience in console game development is preferred, with at least one relevant video-game development specialization, such as art, engineering, design.
- Good technical understanding of game development and technology, including the content creation pipeline and game development cycle.
- Experience in using project management, bug tracking and version control software tools.
- Experience in using traditional waterfall and agile production methodologies to manage video game development projects
- Able to work independently with minimal supervision and multi-task in a fast-paced environment under
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000SGD 〜 9,000SGD
Location West

Lead 3D Environment Artist ID:24974

Job Description - Work closely with the Lead Artist/Art Director as required to plan and execute the construction of environments
- Ensure the visual target is met or exceeded, while working within the design requirements.
- Produce assets on schedule that maintain visual quality and stay within technical budgets
- Actively participate in technical and aesthetic problem-solving discussions
- Ensure good communication and coordination within the environment art team
- Work within the game engine to preview, iterate, optimize and polish game assets
- Mentor junior staff by providing training, guidance, and feedback
- When required, assist with the review of outsourced art assets
Required Qualifications - must have senior/lead experience in AAA console games
- Clear understanding of game development pipeline and workflow
- Able to break down concept art into logical set pieces for efficient scene construction
- Able to delegate and manage set piece construction
- Able to create interesting and detailed worlds from a sub-set of reusable assets
- Able to provide lighting passes that compliment gameplay intent
- Strong hands-on skills with DCCT’s (eg. Photoshop, Max, Maya, Zbrush, Blender)
- 5+ ’ experience in creating Environment Art with at least 1 shipped title in a Lead role
- Good understanding of rendering and other technical constraints related to environment art
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000SGD 〜 9,000SGD
Location West

Finance & Accounting manager ID:24877

Job Description • Responsible for various aspects of the finance functions including management and statutory reporting, budgeting, costing, corporate tax, GST and treasury function
• Establish and implement policies and procedures
• Ensure good corporate governance and compliance with internal controls and group financial policies
• Liaise with external and internal auditors
• Track and monitor grants disbursement and utilization of funds
• Liaise with external agencies on grants and funding for company and company clients
• Any other functions as assigned

Required Qualifications • Degree in Accounting or equivalent
• Minimum 5 relevant working experience, with at least 2 in a managerial position
• Meticulous, hands-on, independent and self-motivated leader
• Strong technical and practical knowledge in accounting, costing, taxation and corporate governance
• Able to cope with dynamic situations, and work in fast-paced environment
• Strong planning & analytical skills
• Good organisational, communication and presentation skills
• Good business acumen
• Ability to report financial analysis to senior management
• Ability to work with cross-functional teams
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location City,Central

Sales Administrator ID:24967

Job Description Provide sales support to sales representatives by taking calls and emails from customers and vendors and alerting sales representative to any urgent issues.
Processing of invoices to the vendors and clients in the ERP system
Assists in providing sales quotation.
Responsible for making shipment arrangements as per customer requirements;
Obtaining, checking and preparing documentation to meet customs requirements, packing specifications, and compliance with overseas countries' regulations and fiscal regimes;
Working closely with customers, colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations to deadlines;
Maintaining communication and control through all phases of the journey
Required Qualifications ★Singaporean

-Education - Minimum Diploma.
-The specialization does not matter.

Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 3,000SGD
Location East

Data Scientist / Machine Learning Expert ID:24874

Job Description This person brings in his/her expertise and insights in data analysis to improve business intelligence solution and enhance machine learning competency of our company.
- Conceptualize, build and validate machine learning model using proven and experimental techniques.
- Improve existing machine learning or suggest state-of-art solutions to achieve company's business goal, through activities such as define hypotheses, develop and execute necessary tests, experiments and analysis.
- Document insights, findings, conclusions and work closely with software engineer in machine learning solution development.
Required Qualifications Requirements:
☆ Masters / Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering , Operations Research or Mathematics/Statistics.
☆ Minimum 2 of relevant experience with machine learning techniques and advanced quantitative analytics (e.g. regression, classification, clustering, time series).
☆ Understanding of NLP, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, algorithmic foundations of optimization.
- Proven problem-solving skills in complex and advanced technical subject.
- Basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Desired Skills:
- Proficient in one or more of the following programming languages: Python, R, Java, Scala.
- Experience with machine learning framework (scikit-learn, Spark MLlib etc).
- Experience in building ML models at scale, using real-time big data pipelines on platforms such as Spark/MapReduce.
Energetic, open minded, excellent verbal and written communication skills, a great team player who is flexible to work in start-up environment.
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

Software Engineer (Machine Learning) ID:24875

Job Description This person will be responsible for the development of our recommendation engine through prediction/forecasting machine learning model.
- Design, develop, test and deploy application of machine learning models, deep learning, data mining and/or NLP.
- Tailor and fine tune machine learning solutions to address business problems.
- Collaborate with design, product and engineering teams and deliver product to enrich user experiences on our service.
- Maintain state-of-art technical expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and software programming.

Salary*negotiable depending on the individual skill/experience/personality
Required Qualifications Requirements:
☆ Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent.
☆ Minimum 3 of experience in software engineering with at least 1 year of relevant experience in implementation of machine learning algorithm, deep learning process or NLP.
☆ Adequate understanding of relevant academic theories such as statistics, probability, operational research etc., in order to assist algorithm design and development.
- Proficient in one or more of the following programming languages: Python, R, Java, Scala.

Desired Skills:
- Experience with machine learning framework (scikit-learn, Spark MLlib etc).
- Experience in building ML models at scale, using real-time big data pipelines on platforms such as Spark/MapReduce.
Energetic, open minded, excellent verbal and written communication skills, a great team player who is flexible to work in start-up environment.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

Customer Service Executive (japanese language) ID:22798

Job Description - Handle incoming email and phone enquiries on games
- Deliver customer satisfaction through excellent service quality
- Solve problems and analyze information accurately with appropriate speed
Required Qualifications [MUST]
- Relevant customer service experience
- PC literate: Basic knowledge of internet, email and keyboard skills
- Skill (JLPT N2 and above) is required as the translation between English and is required for the game content and systems

- Strong interest in games are preferred
- Able to understand games from a gamer's perspective and give in-depth gaming and PC/console troubleshooting support
- Able to work shifts on public holidays and weekends
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 2,800SGD
Location Central,North

MD assistant / Writer(japanese language) ID:22994

Job Description
A wide array of job:
・Inbound Marketing in Singapore
・To visit clients with MD
・To attend Board meeting with MD
・Information gathering from Asia market
・Social advertising operation(ex. Facebook)
・Direction of advertising
Required Qualifications
・JLPT N1/2 to communicate with native board members who are not able to speak English.
・Be able to use Microsoft office to make documents.
・Experience related to writing.
・Sense of responsibility, faithful
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500 〜 4,300
Location City

Project Coordinator (japanese language) ID:24699

Job Description - Part of the Game Development team which involves working on software and specifications for games targeted at the and other Asian markets.
- Read and write specifications in and communicate with the various service partners and customers in Japan, China and Taiwan, in the native languages of those countries.
Required Qualifications For project coordinator, our Client prefers someone who have studied or worked in Japan before so they know how to deal with native personnel from Japan HQ as well as native clients.
1. Singaporean
3. At least a degree
4. At least japanese language Skill (JLPT N2) for communicating with native in Japan HQ as well as native Clients
6. Passion in gaming
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,200SGD
Location Central,East

Customer Service Executive ID:24839

Job Description - Handle incoming email and phone enquiries on games
- Deliver customer satisfaction through excellent service quality
- Solve problems and analyze information accurately with appropriate speed
Required Qualifications - Candidates with no experience are welcome to apply.
- PC literate: Basic knowledge of internet, email and keyboard skills

- Relevant customer service experience
- Interest in games are preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 2,200SGD 〜 2,500SGD
Location Central

Games Planner(japanese language) ID:23779

Job Description - Writing game specifications and designing game-play and game system
- Produce interesting game designs and ideas to bring out interactivity for players
- Coordinate with Programmers, Artists, Designers, internal teams (local and Partners) to oversee the implementation of features and systems on software and specifications for games
- Read and write game specifications in and communicate with the Japan HQ, service partners and customers.
Required Qualifications - in English and (Min. JLPT N2) for communicating with local and associates
- Min. Degree in any field
- Min. 2 experience in game design and planning OR in a company
- Passionate in games
- Good , communication and teamwork skills
- Good research and data manipulation skills
- Basic knowledge on scripting is a bonus

Required Documents:
- Cover Letter
- Resume with GPA score
- Transcripts
- 1-P Essay (Topic: What makes a fun & profitable social game?)
- Past game portfolios, if any
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,200SGD
Location Central,East

Medical Writer2 ID:23835

Job Description -Utilize your scientific knowledge across a variety of therapeutic areas to develop medical education collaterals
-Liaise with key opinion leaders in faculty management for events or in roundtable discussions
-Facilitate discussions amongst high level experts in their fields
-Apply digital marketing expertise to recommend the most appropriate strategies for marketing managers to reach their specialty audiences
-Strategize with clients, with a deep understanding of their product portfolio, to recommend and develop pharmaceutical marketing programs
-Liaise with clients, business managers and production teams in the delivery of projects
Required Qualifications ■Strong medical/scientific background - a life science, pharmacy or pharmacology degree is a must
■Excellent skills in English writing and editing for the writing of medical education materials
■Ability to produce quality content consistently and efficiently
■Ability to manage multiple tasks while working under tight timelines
■Two to three of relevant work experience in medical writing / medical or healthcare publication or in an editorial capacity
■Interest in medical innovation and healthcare, and the ability to identify and report relevant news
■Good communication and interpersonal skills
■Organized and detail-oriented, committed, flexible and actively seeking to acquire new knowledge and skills
■Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Word and PowerPoint
■Ability to communicate and conduct interviews with leading medical experts
■Ability to perform well within and across teams in a dynamic work environment
Salary Monthly Salary 4,200SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City,Central

Eコマースビジネス開発マネージャー ID:24078

Job Description シンガポール本社のEコマース事業を運営をする企業で、ビジネス開発マネージャーとしてご活躍頂きます。割り当てられたB to C向けのEコマースWebサイトの販売と収益性を高めることがミッションです。社内のWebデザイナー、運用、アドミン、ITチーム、パートナーと密に協力をしながら、業務を遂行して頂きます。

-B to C向けのEコマースサイトのビジネスの健全性とパフォーマンスを定期的に分析して評価し、改善の余地を特定する。
Required Qualifications -B to C 向けEコマースサイトの管理、運用経験
-Google AnalyticsなどWEB解析ツールの使用経験
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 6,500SGD
Location West

マーケティングアシスタント ID:22722

Job Description シンガポール本社のEコマース事業を運営する企業で、マーケティングアシスタントとしてご活躍して頂きます。社内のマーケティングマネージャー、Webデザイナー、またはITチームと緊密に連携して、Eメール、ウェブサイトの改善、SEO、Webページや製品のコピーライティングなどのEコマースマーケティングプログラムの実行を支援します。


※日本の消費者にサプリメントや健康食品を提供するB to CのECサイトを運営しています。
Required Qualifications -大卒以上
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location West

SEOマーケティングマネージャー ID:24215

Job Description シンガポール本社のEコマース事業を運営をする企業で、SEOマーケティングマネージャーとしてご活躍頂きます。ビジネス発展のためにSEO戦略の立案、実行を担って頂きます。

Required Qualifications -大卒以上。
-HTML / CSSおよびウェブサイト管理に関する知識。
-MS Excel、PowerPoint、およびWordでの高度なスキル。
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location West

All22 (1〜20 )