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[Software/Information Processing] x [Junior] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Sales Coordinate(Contract) ID:26312

Job Description - To maintain and update weekly sales report to ensure all quantity is correct. Reflect the sales number in the system.
- To maintain and update weekly BIS report to ensure all quantity is correct.
- Generate and analysis market trend.
- To help sales team in decision making of boosting up sales figure to hit target.
- To review the actual sales each month compared to target.
- Maintain and monitor sales database and sales performance.
- Register new product information on SAP system.
- Processing of sales invoice on SAP system.
Required Qualifications - Diploma or Degree
- Min. 3 working experience
- Can communicate in English and (Because this position need to report japanese manager who can speak English and to liaise to native clients)
- Excel (formula and macro) preferable
- Who can join on 17th May
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 2,800SGD
Location City

Pre-School Teacher ( ) ID:26311

Job Description • Plan and implement a holistic and developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum
• Provide a safe and clean learning environment for the care and development of in the centre
• Provide activities, apparatus and equipment to support the various curriculum areas
• Ensure that centre’s service meets the needs of and families
• Maintain daily open communication with parents
• Arrange a classroom environment in accordance to program goals and philosophy
• Maintain a safe and healthy environment
• Routine care for children
Required Qualifications ☆Diploma in Early Childhood Education with at least 2 ’ experience in handling Early programs, preferably parent/adult accompanied programmes for infants and toddlers.
- The ability to sing and play an instrument is desirable.
- chinese language skill is a requirement as the pre-school teacher would need to teach to the
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location East

Business Development manager ID:26323

Job Description Business Development manager
Purpose: To develop new business opportunity and create successful business and pave the way for repeat business. To promote our product and solution. To identify the next growing segment and develop the strategy to penetrate in.

New Business Development
• By working with Sales PIC effectively
• To develop new biz opportunity and create successful case then pave the way for repeat biz
• To promote the new concept, product and application (such as RFID)
• To identify the next growing segment and develop the strategy to penetrate in
• To focus on big consumables project and follow up with sales team
• To increase revenue from SI
• Ad-hoc duties as assigned

Leadership management
• To display the right attitude so as to be a role model for the juniors and ensure teamwork within the group
• To initiate sales plan and execute within a small team
• To develop strategy and execute by giving clear directions, making proper processes and flow, and having the team motivated
• To learn new skills and knowledge so as to remain competitive and impart them to the juniors
• To promote “DCS and Labeling” and “Go deep and narrow” concepts
• To provide guidance on sales processes and sales skills if there is need
• To solve the problem constructively whenever it is needed
Required Qualifications • Minimum 5 in the industry (Information Technology)
• Experience in managing a team (management position)
• Experienced in Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) Industry/ HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Market/ IT/ Project
• Experienced in Channel Sales/Direct Sales
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location East

Assistant Account manager ID:26322

Job Description Assistant Account manager
Purpose: To generate profits for the Company by finding and bringing business opportunities to meet monthly individual sales target and group target

Account management
• Perform c calls, lead generations, prospecting and pitching that will lead to sales closure and meet the monthly individual and group sales target
• Provide good support to customers for building and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction
• Responsible for the preparation of solution proposals and quotations for customers
• To have positive learning attitude to keep the team updated
• To maintain good engagement with existing customers, while exploring new business opportunities and creating new accounts
• To understand “DCS and Labeling” and “Go deep and narrow” concepts and promote them

• To learn new skills and knowledge so as to remain competitive
• To propose ideas that could make the organization better whenever they are found
• To work constructively by having the right attitude within the team as well as with other departments/sections
• Other ad-hoc duties as assigned
Required Qualifications - Candidate must at least possess a Diploma
- Needs to in & English to communicate with native clients
- Prefer candidates with IT Turnkey Solution
- Prefer candidates with experience from Retail/ Healthcare/ Govt/ Manufacturing industry
- Need to possess own vehicle (Transport/Patrol/Mobile allowances is provided)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location East

【ラーニングセンター】日本語教師(パート/フル) ID:25921

Job Description


Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location East

Data Analyst ID:26297

Job Description •Conduct in-depth product data analysis for the game
•Identify problems affecting the performance of the game in a clear manner with proper documentation
•Regular checks on the functionality of the game
Required Qualifications •1 year of experience in game planning
•Strong in logical thinking, communication and coordination
•Sensitive to digital changes
•Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel
•High level of initiative and development potential.
•Dares to take on a project head on and strong team spirit
•Able to work overseas (Cambodia) for 8 months, [expenses are covered, and additional allowances will be provided].
•Able to communicate and write in to manage native -speaking clients
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location City,Central,Others,Location

Interactive Designer ID:26298

Job Description •Responsible for interactive design of the mobile chess games, optimizing interaction experience and improving design quality
•Participate in the game design process, analyzing requirements and providing solutions
•Proper written documentation of projects
Required Qualifications •Minimum 2 of experience in design / psychology/ any other related fields
•Strong in logical thinking, communication and coordination
•Skilled in Axure, Photoshop, and other graphic design tools
•Strong experience and knowledge in IOS & Android system
•High level of initiative and development potential.
•Able to work overseas (Cambodia) for 8 months, [expenses are covered, and additional allowances will be provided].
•Able to communicate and write in to manage native -speaking clients
•Dares to take on a project head on and strong team spirit
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location City,Central,Others,Location

Product Specialist ID:26299

Job Description •Responsible for user experience,data analysis,maintenance of online mobile application and operations
•Provide suggestions for modifications and optimization of products based on user feedback
•Carry out competitive analysis of gaming products
Required Qualifications •Bachelors Degree in related field
•Experience and knowledge of mobile games[in-depth knowledge of functions and operations of at least 3 types of mobile games]
•Strong in logical thinking, communication and coordination
•Strong experience and knowledge in IOS & Android system
•High level of initiative and development potential.
•Dares to take on a project head on and strong team spirit
•Able to work overseas (Cambodia) for 8 months, [expenses are covered, and additional allowances will be provided].
•Able to communicate and write in to manage native -speaking clients
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location City,Central,Others,Location

Block Chain Engineer (Based in Singapore) ID:26155

Job Description 1. Responsible for Blockchain enterprise technology framework design and development solutions
2. Early product technology selection, POC, development and testing according to system requirements
3. Full understanding of system architecture, the implementation of block chain program function module
4. Prepare system module detailed design documents and system testing documents, according to product and project requirements
5. Research block chain protocol, operating mechanism, encryption technology, lowlevel implementation and consensus algorithm. Participate in the design of security protocols and architecture
6. Promote team technical experience sharing. To be at the forefront of block chain related technologies to maintain the company's market advantage
Required Qualifications 1. Computer, mathematics, electronic engineering and related professional, more than 1-3 ’ experience in block chain technology development
2. Proficient in Golang, C++, Java and other mainstream block chain system development
3. Good programming and documentation proficiency. Participate in block chain open source development
4. Solid knowledge in computer theory and network, data structure, algorithm, database theory and networking
5. Candidates with experience in R&D and execution of block chain open source projects, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin preferred
6. Experience in network security related product development, distributed systems, the Point-to-Point network protocol application development experience
7. Understanding of mainstream consensus algorithm, including PoW, PoS, DpoS, PBFT, Paxos, Raft etc.
8. High level of initiative and development potential. Dares to take on a project head on and strong team spirit
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City,Central

【日系大手製造業】ソフトウェア設計エンジニア ID:26310

Job Description 日系の大手製造業において、ソフトウェア設計エンジニアとしてご活躍を頂きます。

-Smart Factory / IoT関連製品の拡張、顧客アカウント管理、市場アップデートのためのマーケティング
Required Qualifications -大卒以上
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location West

Admin Support(japanese language) ID:26283

Job Description
【General Purpose】
Process new client applications
Interact with project’s correspondents to process transactions and provide information in response to inquiries and requests for smooth operations

【Support Tasks and Responsibilities】
- Prepare and check documents for data integrity and to comply with security policies
- Translate simple documents
- Obtain further information for incomplete documents
- Enter data into database and upload files and forms
- Process to requests for information and access relevant files
- Monitor clients’ remittance status and account balance
- Prepare and send clients’ invoices and follow up payments
- Respond promptly to correspondent inquiries and request on a timely manner
Required Qualifications
- Written and spoken (fluent level / JLPT2 above) to communicate with native clients
- Conversational level of English
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
- Some admin or clerical experience
- Good time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
- Attention to detail and accuracy
- Confidentiality
- Ability to work individually and as part of a team
※No over time
※Part-time is also considered (Min 5~6 hours/day, Min 4 days/week, $15~20/hour)
※Other 2 admin are Native .
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location City

アドミンサポート(パートタイム可) ID:24316

Job Description

- メールでのお客様からのお問い合わせ対応(メールのみ)
- お客様の申請手続きなどの事務作業
- 社内会議での議事録作成
- ウィークリー、マンスリーのレポート作成
- データ入力

Required Qualifications
- お客様とメールのやりとりができる英語力をお持ちの方
- Microsoft officeが使える方
- 入力作業など正確に業務ができる方
- 細かい部分に気がつく方(事務作業がほとんどのため)
- すぐに入社できる方歓迎
- カスタマーサポートのご経験をお持ちの方歓迎

- 1日 5~6 時間、週3~4日以上
- 時給/$15~20(ご経験によって応相談)
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location City

PHP Engineer ID:24999

Job Description · From building a campaign platform, membership site for B2B, Business application development.
· From digital marketing support, build member sites and campaign platforms that utilize clouds such as Salesforce, Heroku, Kintone, business application development
Required Qualifications Must
☆Program development experience using PHP, MySQL, PostgresSQL
☆Experience in developing web application framework and libraries

· Experience in using development tools such as Vagrant, Docker, git
· Peripheral technology accompanying web application development (Ajax, HTML, XML, CSS, REST, SOAP, etc.)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City,Central

Full stack engineer or Back End Engineer ID:26264

Job Description - Full stack engineer or Back End Engineer
- Handle engineer team in
- Design and build new blockchain based distributed applications
- Build secure smart contracts to implement use cases on the blockchain
- Write functional and unit tests to ensure robustness and reliability of web apps/services
Required Qualifications ☆Around 5 of experience as a Full stack engineer or Back End Engineer
☆At least 2 programming experience of C++・Java・Javascript・C#・(python・nodejs)

Nice to have
- Basic knowledge of Blockchain architect
- Knowledge of implementation of Database server
- Knowledge of Security
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000 〜 10,000
Location City

Sales/HR Consultant (japanese language) ID:23915

Job Description Sales manager as a start-up company member. (the company will start business in Singapore from January 2017)
*Develop new customers (Customers will be company CEO)
*Maintain and expand the business from existing customers
*Understanding the company problem in terms of Human Resource and giving the solution in terms of Personnel assessment, organization institution-building
*Service Introduction of cloud personnel assessment
*Make good relationship with CEO, board member and support them to expand business
Required Qualifications *Have experience of Corporate Sales with good performance OR has good personality in Hospitality
*Be able to communicate in to communicate with native boss
*Have experience of Human Resource or IT industry are welcomed
*Have consultation/non-products sales experience are welcomed
*Interests in Start-Up company
*Be able to work flexibiy
Salary Monthly Salary 4,800SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location City,Central

Software Solution Engineer(japanese language) ID:25980

Job Description Responsibilities
• Support IoT Business Development and expansion in APMEA region
• Carry out marketing and Solutions Engineering activities for Smart Factory / IoT related product expansion, customer account management and market updates
• Prepare and present solutions proposals based on factory and market needs
• Work closely with Japan headquarters, business partners and customers on supporting sales companies and distributors on costing issues
• Coordinate customer roller visits to maintain relationship with both existing and new customers
• Prepare weekly reports for management on solutions engineering and marketing updates
Required Qualifications • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology
• Possess strong analytical skills and experience in either software design, database, programming, embedded software or production management
• in japanese language for liaison with Japan Headquarters
• Able to travel as and when required
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location West

IT Executive ID:26227

Job Description
• To understand the company’s business areas and user requirements.
• Be familiar with the existing systems (in-house developed)
• Perform required analysis, program design and coding.
• Perform unit and integration testing.
• Provide orientation and training to end-users.
• Prepare and update user manual for all new and enhancement application.
• Prepare and update technical documentation for all new and enhancement application.
Required Qualifications • Min Diploma holder
• Must have experience in C#.Net software development.
• Must possess excellent C# programming skills.
• Must possess good knowledge and thorough understanding of the latest Microsoft.Net framework, tools and technologies.
• Skilled in Web Services, Net framework, C#.Net, Javascript, HTML, SQL
• Database: Oracle/SQL
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 2,300SGD
Location East

[Fintech] Python Developer/Data Scientist ID:25793

Job Description Work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with a focus on building business intelligence solutions for financial institution.
Must be willing and excited to learn.

- manage or assist in analysis of data and existing processes.
- Maintain accuracy of the data warehouse.
- Work closely with Solution Architect and Project manager to help measure change proposal impact on business.
- Assist in development and distribution of new reports.
- Lead the design, development and support of Database, BigData and Data Warehouse solutions.
- Develop Conceptual and physical model Data Models.
- Develop code on Big Data Analytics and large data processing using Python, Hadoop, and Hive
- Develop BigData eco systems components
- Develop BigData solutions with NoSQL databases like HBase
- Design and model Data Warehouse
- Work close with Solution Architect
Required Qualifications Mandatory Skills
☆ Very solid computer science fundamentals, including algorithms, data structure, etc.
☆ 2+ programming experience in Python/Django
• Knowledge of Big Data capabilities and the latest available frameworks
• In depth understanding of Analytics Solutions and Big Data Architectures
• Translate business issues into specific requirements to develop analytics solutions
• Minimum 3 of hands on experience in Analytics and Big Data
• 2+ experience working with AWS

Preferred Skills
• Experience in AI, machine learning and deep learning
• Knowledge of cloud computing infrastructure (e.g. Amazon Web Services EC2)
• Willing to do R&D
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location City

IT Support and Sales Engineer ID:26195

Job Description
This company makes accounting and personnel management system.

- Telephone, Email and Remote support for our service
- Making new work manual for new customer
- Set up the system for new customer
- Customer management
- Going to customer and kitting new PC
*1~2 times to go to customer/ one month
*it is okay to go directly and/or return directly
- Any customer support
*5~10 customers need to support/ one week
*Do not need to go them office every time
- Increase company's revenue and presence in the Singapore Human Resource Software Local Market through acquisition of new accounts.
- Generate and respond to sales leads' request for software demo
- Setup meeting and work closely with our engineer/consultant to make effective our software presentation with existing and potential prospects.
- Meet sales targets and sales performance KPI's as agreed with you and management.
- Involve in ad-hoc project e.g. software test, manual preparation, on-site support, installation if necessary.
Required Qualifications
☆ Singaporean or
☆Have working experience at small company or never mind to work small company
☆ Working experience 3~5 as IT support engineer
- Can join in middle of May
- Good communication skill in English and
- Willing to stay in long term
- Process excellent communication skills.
- Self-motivated & independent, customer oriented with excellent interpersonal skills, quick learner, and good team player.
- Proficient in Microsoft office tools.
- Experience in Enterprise Sales / Channel Sales will be an advant.
- Experience in conducting product training to end user will be an advant.
- Basic operate or process payroll, claim, time attendance management will be an advant.
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location City

Logistics Officer ID:26228

Job Description • Perform coordination of shipment fulfilment activities; maintain accurate shipping records in accordance to department procedures.
• manage inventory through timely and accurate inventory update in warehouse management system on a daily basis.
• Achieve timely fulfilment of every order.
• Ensure timely and accurate monthly billing.
• Perform stock allocation with First in First out principle for outgoing orders.
• Generate required shipping documents and labels communication packing requirement to warehouse for picking & packing.
• Check & verify shipping documents are duly endorsed as proof of release and delivery.
• Provide timely update on inbound & outbound to customer.
• Ability to perform hands-on operational tasks.
Required Qualifications • Min “O” Levels with 3 of relevant experience
• Good in excel functions eg. Pivot table, Vlookup
• Able to work in a fast-paced environment
Salary Monthly Salary 1,700SGD 〜 2,000SGD
Location East

All38 (1〜20 )