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Equipment Project Engineer (Changi) (Shuttle bus Available everywhere) ID:25011

Job Description •Optimal multi-project management using appropriate project pipeline to ensure that all of equipment engineering projects (New machines & improvement of existing machines) are managed efficiently and profitably
•Ensure machines are designed in compliance with established engineering practices
•Prepare all Engineering Requirement, CAPEX budget proposals/justification, manufacturing, commissioning and industrialization of new machines and modification of existing machines
•Prepare and review equipment specifications, select appropriate suppliers, do tender evaluation and award PO to selected suppliers up on satisfying selection criteria.
•Prepare and maintain all necessary documentation and provide training during new machine commissioning or upgrade of existing machines
•Recommend and administer work instructions to enhance performance of machines.
•manage engineering changes and responsible for maintaining all technical documentations
Required Qualifications •Good Machine design, project management capability and prior equipment Industrialization experience
•Degree or Diploma in Mechanical / Mechatronic with fundamental knowledge of Electrical Engineering or Equivalent
•3-5 experience as a Design / Project Engineer in equipment engineering position in a Manufacturing or Semiconductor equipment industry
•Capacity to communicate and translate planning into actions
•Ability to interact with external and internal stakeholders for all aspects of tasks/projects
•Self motivated and ability to motivate project team
•Familiar with DFMEA, AIS, AutoCAD, Solid work, or other design software.

Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location East

寿司職人 ID:25122

Job Description 同社の関連店舗にて、寿司職人の募集です。

- カウンターで寿司、日本料理の調理
- 新しいメニューの考案
- テーブルの片付け
- 皿洗い
- 店舗の掃除 等
Required Qualifications
- 寿司職人としてのご経験
- ローカルスタッフと働く上での英語力
- EP, , DP
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

【Deep Learning/AI】Director/manager ID:24821

Job Description
We are looking for Technopreneur =Technologist+Entrepreneur.
- Promote our technology, which is using "Deep Learning” methodology, provides collect, analytics, automation, predictive simulation, visualization on the cloud.
- Find clients or business partner
- Build good relationship with Singapore company, company and government.
- Negotiate with board members in client
- Expand business in Singapore first, then expand in ASEAN market.
Required Qualifications
- Willing to commit company business, which create innovation that changes the world
- Base of mathematics(understanding calculus) to understand our business
- We are looking for Technopreneur =Technologist+Entrepreneur. Technology skill is not mandatory, but need to have strong interest in our business -Deep Learning, IoT, Big Data, and AI.
- IT engineering knowledge would be added advant
- japanese language skill would be an added advant as direct management are native and it would help if employee is able to speak so as to communicate even more effectively with higher ups.
- The following experience would be added advant
A) P/L management experience in consulting firm/ Private Equity fund, and candidate who does not mind working in startup company
B) Experience in startup company
C) Experience as a CEO/COO
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500 〜 7,000
Location City

シンガポール拠点責任者候補 ID:24846

Job Description 歴史の長い日本の会社が、シンガポールに進出するための募集です。

Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location City

【日系飲食】役員候補 ID:24348

Job Description 役員候補として、シンガポールに2店舗ある同店の統括をお任せします。
Required Qualifications ・飲食スタッフのマネジメント経験
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

General manager ID:24845

Job Description Establishing a restaurant business plan by surveying restaurant demand.
- studies or surveys the demand in the market or in the industry, not only for their current restaurant,
but also for its competitors, direct and indirect.
- In a written document form, he shall state or outline the business goals and details on how he plans to achieve those goals.
He shall submit a quarterly business plan to the CEO.

Preparing strategic annual forecasts and budgets.
- Makes strategic long-term and short-term goals, annual sales forecasts or targets, and expense budgets
- submits this bi-annually, specifically on December, for the first half of the following year, and June for the second half of the year.

Preparing financial plans, and marketing strategies and analyses.
- Prepares financial plans, and marketing strategies and analyses in a written document form;
- Submits this quarterly to the CEO;Monthly feedback and evaluation of the plans has to be submitted to the CEO.

Driving sales and attracting patrons by developing and implementing marketing,
and advertising programs and evaluating program results.
- Based on the marketing strategies submitted, the GM shall devise marketing and advertising programs to drive sales up;
- Reviews or evaluate program results quarterly and submit to CEO.

Maintaining operations by preparing policies and standard operating procedures;
- Comes up with restaurant policies and procedures, which are reviewed quarterly. All parties shall agree to amend if necessary.
- Does daily check on restaurant team members to ensure adherence to the policies and procedures.

Accomplishing human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, and training restaurant managers and staffs.
- Every month, the GM determines the staffing needs of the restaurant operations.
- Such needs shall be communicated to and coordinated with HR Department monthly.
- May also be involved in recruitment and selection of staffs and managers.
- For staffs to be able to perform their duties more effectively, the GM will be involved in in-house training at least once a month,
especially on restaurant SOPs.

Controlling purchases and inventory.
- shall conduct monthly inventory at the end of the month;
- shall monitor the purchase workflow weekly.
- Establishes and reviews monthly, the appropriate mini-max level of stocks to ensure that products and raw materials remain fresh and available when needed.

Maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy restaurant environment; and complying with health and legal regulations
- shall maintain and review health and safety procedures quarterly, together with the team,
to see if changes need to be made to health, safety, security procedures, and legal regulations in place.
- hall report the results quarterly to the CEO.
Required Qualifications - Singaporean
- Have at least 5 of fine dining or steakhouse operation management experience
- Have an assertive, active, and energetic go-getter type of personality
- Be properly groomed and charismatic, to cultivate and maintain amiable relationship not only with the guests but also with his/her team of managers and staffs.
- Establish a restaurant business plan to increase market awareness and encour strong brand recognition;
- Have absolute and thorough knowledge and ability to analyse the P&L; 
- Drive up sales;
- Ensure the highest quality and consistency of food and service;
- Have Strong knowledge about wines, cocktails, and spirits;
- Have an unwavering commitment to accomplish business goals.
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000SGD 〜 10,000SGD
Location City

CFO Trainee(Admin manager)(japanese language) ID:24766

Job Description
・Accounting/Finance matters (Including Business planning, Budget management)
・HR matters
・Back office support for other branches
・Ad hoc duties to be done as required by Japan HQ
・Communicate with Japan HQ
Required Qualifications
☆ Skill (JLPT N2 or above) to communicate with native staff in Japan HQ
☆ Be able to understand Business planning, Budget management
・Minimum 5 of HR and Accounting/Finance experience
・People management experience
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location Central,East

Chief Executive Officer(japanese language) ID:24017

Job Description The incumbent will be responsible for developing and executing key marketing and promotional programs with a clear focus on returns and deliverables on the sales, and growing the clientele.

Conceptualizing and implementing marketing plans and outreach strategies to corporates, outlets.
To strategize growth of sales base with a clear focus on revenue and profit.
To achieve monthly sales budget and develops strategies to meet annual sales goals with a clear focus on bottom line results.
Evaluate marketing sales programs’ effectiveness and make changes as necessary to constantly improve ROI.
Organize and administer pre and post sales event evaluations.
Review and make recommendations on improvements to sales strategy.
Case management and organization of events
Timely and correct filling in of event information in the form approved by the management (e.g. checklist or CRM-system)
Required Qualifications • Strong sales & marketing skill
• Proven experience as a sales manager or relevant role(Minimum 5 of sales experience to corporates)
• Proficiency in English to speak with all customers
• Excellent knowledge of MS Office
• Fast learner and passion for sales
• Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000SGD 〜 10,000SGD
Location Central,East

店長/新規ビジネス責任者候補 ID:23584

Job Description

Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City,West,Central,North,East,Other

All9 (1〜9 )