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Conditions in searching
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Desktop IT Engineer ID:26559

Job Description ◇Skill set
Intermediate knowledge and experience for Windows PC
Basic knowledge and experience for Windows server is an advant.
Basic knowledge and experience for Network
Stor knowledge and experience is an advant
◇Project information
Working at customer side. Details would be provided in interview session.
Required Qualifications
◇Educational background
Diploma or Vocational Certified(ITE) are OK
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 2,500SGD
Location City

IT Infrastructure Engineer ID:26558

Job Description ◇Skill set
-Intermediate knowledge and experience for OS(Windows server,Linux,Unix)
※Best is that candidate has knowledge and experience for three different platform, however, it is OK that he/she has knowledge and experience for one particular platform.
-Basic knowledge and experience for Network
-Stor knowledge and experience is an advant
◇Project information
Not disclose, however, industry is government or manufacture.
Basically, work at customer side.
Required Qualifications
◇Educational background
Diploma or Vocational Certified(ITE) are OK
3-5 experience
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location City

Assistant Engineer ID:26491

Job Description ※Need training for at least 1 year in Japan HQ. After training, you can start working in Singapore.

- Procurement of materials (negotiate with suppliers)
- Attending seminar and expo
- Build up factory operation and rules
- manage offshore engineering
- Business development in ASEAN, market
- Business trip (China, Vietnam, Korea, etc.) to expand business
- Report to Japan HQ
- Other ad hoc duties
Required Qualifications Singaporean
-Can stay in Japan for training at least 1 year at HQ.
-Able to travel (China, Vietnam, Korea, etc.) to expand business
-Can speak German is a good advant to liaise with native German clients
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 2,000SGD
Location City

manager for engineering (japanese language) ID:25469

Job Description
- Procurement of materials (negotiate with suppliers)
- Attending seminar and expo
- Build up factory operation and rules
- manage offshore engineering

※Need to training a few months in Japan
- Business development in ASEAN, market
- Business trip (China, Vietnam, Korea, etc.) to expand business
- Report to Japan HQ
- Other ad hoc dutiesd
Required Qualifications
☆JLPT N1-N2 to communicate with native employees at Japan HQ and native clients
☆Since the company is making its establishment in Singapore, we are looking for candidate who is independent and reliable, and someone who is able to multi-task
☆Able to travel (China, Vietnam, Korea, etc.) to expand business
☆Experience in similar industry (understanding of manufacturing operation)
Can speak German is good advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000SGD 〜 13,000SGD
Location City

Senior manager ID:26343

Job Description - To develop and propose marketing strategies and plans for SEA Market
- To plan and ensure successful execution of marketing activities the product launches, and involve in international Games shows
- To evaluate success or improvement of executed marketing activities using proven KPI measuring tools
- To manage and control budget and forecast for Marketing activities and promotion
- To lead Team and managing , Online, digital, Retail and Event for SEA Market
- To carry out periodic survey and research to grasp new opportunities on fast moving market trend.
- To work closely with business partners, agencies and Tokyo counter parts in market size analysis
- To develop and propose company/ division policies and guidelines for clear SOP
- Excellent communication and Interpersonal skills
Required Qualifications - Adv Dip, Degree & Above
- Can speak English and to communicate with native members
- Experience at SEA Market
- Having knowledge of gaming products is an advant
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location City

Business Development Executive(for New Business) ID:26339

Job Description - Start Up new business (EC, IoT, like IT business)
- Research the market and planning new business
- Making new service in this company

There are 2 team members, One is japanese manager and other is Singaporean Sales person.
Required Qualifications - English and (to communicate with native team member)
- Having experience of EC or IoT company
- The parson who wants to make new business (new company)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

Database Architect(DBA) ID:25808

Job Description A Japan-based Information Technology consulting firm, specializing in system infrastructure and database security, is currently looking for a permanent position for Database Architect(DBA) with its main roles and responsibilities for implementation, configuration, providing database support.

1. Understand business and user needs and requirements
2. Identify common database/SQL performance problems to optimize database/SQL performance and solve these issues by oneself or with team.
3. Communicate regularly with technical, applications and staffs to ensure database integrity and security
4. Providing maintenance of corporate databases including backup, database optimizing, re-indexing, initiating recovery procedures and routine troubleshooting
5. Create and maintain database documentation which records modifications and developments carried out on databases.
Required Qualifications • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems or related major or related work experience
• At least 3 of business technology experience or appropriate combination of education and experience
• Prior database administration experience with basic knowledge in Oracle Database or MS SQL Server.
• Knowledge on other databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or DB2 would be an advant.
• Having experience with Database surrounding functions such as monitoring and backup tool (i.e. Oracle Enterprise manager, Recovery manager, Zabbix, NetBackup and so on) would be an advant.
• Knowledge on Oracle Appliance products, such as Exadata, Oracle Cloud Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliances would be an advant.
• Basic Knowledge for setting and tuning OS platform is required. (One of strong is among from Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX and other UNIXs. Extra would be advant.)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City

【不動産/土日なし】社内アドミン/カスタマーサポート ID:26102

Job Description 70年ほどの歴史を持つ日本の会社が、シンガポールの不動産会社を買収し、新規進出するための募集です。


・給与:フルタイム SGD2500~4000 パートタイム SGD15~20/h
Required Qualifications ・必須要件:ビジネスレベルの英語力
Salary Monthly Salary 15SGD 〜 20SGD
Location City

【日系メーカー】エンジニアマネージャー ID:25472

Job Description
- 資材、材料の調達 (サプライヤーとのやり取り)
- セミナーやエクスポへの参加
- 工場のオペレーションやルールの作成
- オフショアエンジニアのマネージメント
- ASEAN地域、インドへの新規開拓
- 海外出張あり (中国、ベトナム、韓国、インド等)
- 日本本社へのレポート提出
- その他の事務作業
Required Qualifications ☆シンガポール拠点立ち上げのため、責任感が強く自走できるマルチタスクな方
☆出張可能な方 (中国、ベトナム、韓国、インド等)
☆同業、近しい業界でのご経験がある方 (工場オペレーションの知識がある方)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location City,Central,East

manager-Executive, Real estate agent(japanese language) ID:25738

Job Description
This company is going to buy local 2 companies. 1) Real estate agent 2) F&B, entertainment

*Job scope will be changed, depends on candidate's experience

- Answer inquiry for Customer on phone and e-mail
- Explain and introduce rooms for customers
- Prepare documents for recommended rooms
- Data input and manage customer information
- Support expanding business in Singapore, ASEAN
- Other ad hoc duties to expand business in Singapore, ASEAN
Required Qualifications
☆Able to speak N3 level for communicating internally with native colleagues and clients.
☆Certified as a Singapore real estate agent
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City

CFO Trainee(Admin manager)(japanese language) ID:24766

Job Description
・Accounting/Finance matters (Including Business planning, Budget management)
・HR matters
・Back office support for other branches
・Ad hoc duties to be done as required by Japan HQ
・Communicate with Japan HQ
Required Qualifications
☆ Skill (JLPT N2 or above) to communicate with native staff in Japan HQ
☆ Be able to understand Business planning, Budget management
・Minimum 5 of HR and Accounting/Finance experience
・People management experience
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000SGD 〜 8,000SGD
Location Central,East

Sales Adviser(Architectural design)(Contract/Part time) ID:24051

Job Description To expand our business in ASEAN market, especially Indonesia and Thai market, we need a Sales Adviser with strong network with decision makers in Real Estate, developers, general contractors and government.

We may start with business contract or part time first.
Required Qualifications ☆ Strong business network in Indonesia or Thai market
☆ Strong knowledge and experience in Architectural design project
Salary Monthly Salary 0SGD 〜 0SGD
Location City

【Deep Learning/AI】Director/manager ID:24821

Job Description
We are looking for Technopreneur =Technologist+Entrepreneur.
- Promote our technology, which is using "Deep Learning” methodology, provides collect, analytics, automation, predictive simulation, visualization on the cloud.
- Find clients or business partner
- Build good relationship with Singapore company, company and government.
- Negotiate with board members in client
- Expand business in Singapore first, then expand in ASEAN market.
Required Qualifications
- Willing to commit company business, which create innovation that changes the world
- Base of mathematics(understanding calculus) to understand our business
- We are looking for Technopreneur =Technologist+Entrepreneur. Technology skill is not mandatory, but need to have strong interest in our business -Deep Learning, IoT, Big Data, and AI.
- IT engineering knowledge would be added advant
- japanese language skill would be an added advant as direct management are native and it would help if employee is able to speak so as to communicate even more effectively with higher ups.
- The following experience would be added advant
A) P/L management experience in consulting firm/ Private Equity fund, and candidate who does not mind working in startup company
B) Experience in startup company
C) Experience as a CEO/COO
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500 〜 7,000
Location City

Chief Executive Officer(japanese language) ID:24017

Job Description The incumbent will be responsible for developing and executing key marketing and promotional programs with a clear focus on returns and deliverables on the sales, and growing the clientele.

Conceptualizing and implementing marketing plans and outreach strategies to corporates, outlets.
To strategize growth of sales base with a clear focus on revenue and profit.
To achieve monthly sales budget and develops strategies to meet annual sales goals with a clear focus on bottom line results.
Evaluate marketing sales programs’ effectiveness and make changes as necessary to constantly improve ROI.
Organize and administer pre and post sales event evaluations.
Review and make recommendations on improvements to sales strategy.
Case management and organization of events
Timely and correct filling in of event information in the form approved by the management (e.g. checklist or CRM-system)
Required Qualifications • Strong sales & marketing skill
• Proven experience as a sales manager or relevant role(Minimum 5 of sales experience to corporates)
• Proficiency in English to speak with all customers
• Excellent knowledge of MS Office
• Fast learner and passion for sales
• Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000SGD 〜 10,000SGD
Location Central,East

All14 (1〜14 )