Reeracoen Takes the Hassle Out of Hiring

  • Access to Best Talent

    Access to Best Talent

    Extended reach of available candidates, where you get to receive candidates filtered by our professionally trained consultants.

  • Save Time and Money

    Save Time and Money

    From job advertisements to successful employment, our services allow your company to focus on the more productive activities that you can allocate your resources to.

  • Industry Expertise

    Industry Expertise

    With extensive knowledge of the market, employment trends, and best practices, Reeracoen can be your business partner for your company’s growth.

  • Recruitment Regulations

    Recruitment Regulations

    Reeracoen keeps up-to-date with the many hiring regulations, so that we comply and exemplify fair hiring practices.

What Reeracoen Singapore is Known For

What Reeracoen Singapore is Known For

  • Wide Japanese Network in Singapore

    Wide Japanese Network in Singapore

    With 11 years of experience working with Japanese job seekers and companies, we know the in-and-outs of exactly what you need to attract the right talent for the job.

  • Quality Local Talents Available

    Quality Local Talents Available

    Our consultants are always on a lookout for sought-after talents across the country. With our database of more than 10,000 candidates, there’s definitely someone right for your organisation.

  • Extensive Connections across Asia

    Extensive Connections across Asia

    With 11 offices around Asia, Reercoen has established a close network between our subsidiaries. Whether you are looking for talents around Asia or looking to expand your operations overseas, we have the right resources ready for you.


Reeracoen Singapore RA/CA Model

Reeracoen Singapore adopts a segregated talent search approach, where our recruitment staff are separated into Candidate-facing staff and Client-facing staff.

  • Recruitment Advisors

    Recruitment Advisors

    • Client-focused advisors
    • Consult hiring managers on their hiring needs, providing advice based on industry trends and market situation
    • Communicate Job Requirements to Career Advisors and screen through potential candidates before sending in to the respective employer for review
  • Career Advisors

    Career Advisors

    • Candidate-focused advisors
    • Source and screen for potential talents through various channels
    • Pre-interviews with candidates and provide relevant career advice
    • Assist in offer negotiation

Benefits of the RA/CA Model

  • *

    Specialised roles to deliver quality candidates

  • *

    Dedicated service, with more attention to your needs

  • *

    Faster speed in sourcing candidates

  • 1-Time Payment

    1-Time Payment

    Only pay when suitable talents onboard with you.

  • Refund / Replacement

    Refund / Replacement

    Your recent hire resigned within 3 months of service? We’ll offer a replacement candidate or a refund.

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