Virtual Onboarding tips that will make new hires feel welcome

ManagementSeptember 23, 2020 17:08

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Written by Max Loong, Assistant Marketing Manager - Reeracoen Singapore 

This current pandemic has definitely caused a shift in hiring and onboarding practices. In a time where most new hires joining your organisation will be working remotely from day one, the usual physical onboarding process might have some gaps to fill. In this article, we share some major components that will ensure a smooth virtual onboarding to get new hires engaged, happy, and perform at their best.


  • Design an Onboarding Program

Similar to the usual onboarding process for new hires, design an onboarding program that is structured and easy to follow. Make a checklist for the different items and tasks to fulfil the new hire so that they know if they are on track. Spread the onboarding out over the first week to allow new hires to better absorb the training and reduce stress from information overload.

  • Emphasize company values

A strong workplace culture keeps remote employees engaged and connected to one another, creating a sense of belonging to a greater community or purpose. Start by having senior leadership to introduce the organisation’s goals, mission, and values; what these means to them. Communicate how the organization runs, how different internal departments work together, and how the new hire’s work will contribute to the organisational objectives and goals.

  • Assign mentors/work buddies

Assign a work buddy or mentor to speed up the new hire’s onboarding as not being in the same physical space makes it challenging to receive guidance and advice. This will give new hires a support system and allow them to be in good hands throughout the onboarding process.

  • Regular Communication and Engagement

New hires often feel lost in the first few days at a new job, and physical distance can heighten this isolation. Regular communication and engagement with them can lessen the impact. Ensure that point of contact of every employee is easily available for the new hires. Require managers/team-lead, mentor, or work buddies touch base with them regularly.

Find opportunities to engage new hires with other colleagues, such as through virtual team lunches and regular check-ins, to allow your new hires to better understand and align with your business culture.

  • Operational Support

A new hire with ready and easy access to materials and knowledge available will help them focus to performing their jobs. Some processes can be prepared before the new hire’s first day like IT equipment and basic administration procedures. Ensure new hires are clear about who to look for in different issues such as work issues and technical queries.

Modify your current onboarding content suitable for virtual learning, using a combination of training mediums such as recordings, live sessions, written guides, etc.


Working at a different circumstance should not prevent your new hires from having a positive onboarding experience. Remember that the new hire’s onboarding experience will determine whether he/she will enjoy working in the organisation, so it is worth investing some time and effort to making it virtual.


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