Kenji Naito

Kenji Naito

Mr. Kenji Naito is the Group CEO of Reeracoen Group, an award-winning staffing and recruitment agency that connects companies who are seeking talents with high-calibre candidates. Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 16 years across Asia, Mr. Naito brings with him a wealth of experience along with his expertise.

Mr. Naito exemplifies The Reeracoen Way by always being there to support his clients whenever they are in doubt or have any queries. He always puts his best foot forward and provides them with excellent service, hence they would return and engage our services to help them find the right talent. He believes in giving his best to the clients to create a wonderful future with those pursuing happiness. Mr. Naito believes “the greatest risk is standing still” because he believes that by staying put, one runs the risk of falling behind others. His objective is to help clients who are evolving to source the right talents for their company.

When Mr. Naito is not working, he believes in making time for other things that matter to him. In 2003, he established a non-governmental organisation (NGO) called “Plus One” where they helped to support the children living in villages in the Philippines. Since then, the organisation has expanded to help children from villages in Cambodia too. As a strong advocate for saving the environment, Mr. Naito also champions behind causes that protect the environment. Besides volunteering his free time to pick litter off the streets, Mr. Naito also started For the Earth Project in Reeracoen to give out specially curated metal straws to clients, thus reducing the use of plastic straws.

Kosuke Soejima

Kosuke Soejima

Mr. Kosuke Soejima is the Regional General Manager of Reeracoen Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam, a leading staffing and recruitment agency that connects companies who are seeking talents with high-calibre candidates. Through his years of experience, Mr. Soejima built his expertise and uses it to help his clients find the right talent for their companies. He has worked in the recruitment industry for over 10 years, proving his abilities to bring the companies he worked for to greater heights.

Mr. Soejima started his career in the recruitment industry after he graduated from university. He quickly rose through the ranks and was made the team leader in his second year. His capabilities have taken him far as he joined the Reeracoen brand in 2015, achieving outstanding results as a career consultant for corporate sales and job seekers. In 2021, Mr. Soejima was appointed as the upper management for the offices in Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. As an advocate for the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”, Mr. Soejima is a hard worker with an unwavering attitude at work, thus earning the respect of those around him.

Upon graduating from university, Mr. Soejima decided to venture into the recruitment industry as he developed an interest in career and education for businesses and he has never looked back since. As a disciplined and active person, Mr. Soejima has a routine of jogging for a few hours in the morning every weekend to appreciate and soak in the beauty of nature.

Shoichi Sunaga

Shoichi Sunaga

Mr. Shoichi Sunaga is the Operations Manager of Reeracoen Singapore, an award-winning staffing and recruitment agency that connects companies who are seeking talents with high-calibre candidates. With over 9 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Mr. Sunaga brings with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, and he hopes to continue making a positive impact on others' lives.

Mr. Sunaga's journey in HR began with a leading company, where he showcased remarkable versatility and a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Joining Reeracoen Philippines in 2019 as an advisor, he swiftly moved up the ranks, becoming an Assistant Manager in Reeracoen Singapore in 2020. He then transitioned to Reeracoen Vietnam as a Sales Manager, and in 2022, through his unwavering determination and his relentless pursuit of excellence as he was promoted to a Branch Manager of their Hanoi Branch. Presently, as the Operations Manager of Reeracoen Singapore since 2023, Mr. Sunaga remains driven by the desire to constantly improve and push boundaries.

Outside of work, Mr. Sunaga is a multi-talented man of many passions. From playing tennis to strumming the guitar, he finds joy in pursuing his hobbies and staying active. He is on a mission to achieve his fitness goals to keep fit and stay healthy. As he continues to lead with passion and determination, Mr. Sunaga is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of recruitment and beyond.



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