Are You Team Black or Team Green and How It Influences Your Career Choices

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In the enthralling world of "House of the Dragon," where the battle for power rages on, the decision to align oneself with either Team Black or Team Green extends beyond mere entertainment—it offers profound insights into individual values and, intriguingly, potential career inclinations. As we explore the dynamics of each faction and dissect the implications of their values, we can glean valuable lessons applicable to real-life career choices.


The Greens: Tradition and Stability

Representing the bastion of tradition and stability, the Greens exude a sense of reverence for established norms and authority. Led by King Aegon II Targaryen and backed by stalwart figures like Queen Alicent and Ser Otto Hightower, Team Green prioritises continuity and adherence to time-honoured practices. Their unwavering loyalty to the established order reflects a preference for structured environments and hierarchical systems.

Career Implications for Team Green:

1. Corporate Careers: Individuals leaning towards Team Green might find themselves drawn to corporate environments characterised by clear hierarchies and established protocols. Roles in traditional industries or large corporations with well-defined organisational structures could be appealing.

2. Government Service: Careers in government or public administration align well with Team Green values, offering opportunities to uphold institutional norms and contribute to governance within structured frameworks.

3. Legal Profession: The legal field, with its emphasis on precedent, adherence to rules, and respect for authority, may attract those on Team Green. Legal careers offer avenues for upholding tradition while navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

4. Finance and Banking: Careers in finance and banking, particularly in established institutions, resonate with Team Green values of stability and order. Roles in risk management, compliance, or investment banking may be appealing.


The Blacks: Change and Progress

In stark contrast, Team Black embodies the spirit of change and progress, challenging entrenched norms and advocating for meritocracy over birthright. Led by the determined Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and supported by progressive figures like Daemon Targaryen and Lord Corlys Velaryon, the Blacks champion equality and innovation, rejecting the limitations of tradition.

Career Implications for Team Black:

1. Entrepreneurship: Individuals aligned with Team Black may exhibit entrepreneurial tendencies, drawn to opportunities for innovation and disruption. Start-up ventures or ventures in emerging industries offer platforms for challenging the status quo and driving change.

2. Technology and Innovation: Careers in technology and innovation appeal to Team Black values, providing avenues for pushing boundaries and pioneering new solutions. Roles in tech startups, research and development, or product innovation offer opportunities for creative expression and impact.

3. Social Justice and Advocacy: Pursuits in social justice, advocacy, or activism resonate with Team Black's commitment to equality and fairness. Careers in non-profit organisations, human rights advocacy, or community organising offer platforms for effecting meaningful change.

4. Creative Industries: Individuals on Team Black may gravitate towards creative industries such as media, arts, or entertainment, where innovation and originality are celebrated. Careers in filmmaking, storytelling, or design allow for expression and exploration of progressive ideas.


The Decision and Career Path

As individuals contemplate their allegiance to either Team Black or Team Green, they unwittingly embark on a journey of self-discovery that extends into their professional lives. Whether drawn to the stability of tradition or the promise of progress, the decision carries profound implications for career choices and trajectories.

For Those on Team Green: Careers characterised by structure, hierarchy, and adherence to tradition may hold greater appeal. From corporate environments to government service, opportunities abound for those who value stability and continuity.

For Those on Team Black: The allure of innovation, equality, and disruption may lead to career paths characterised by entrepreneurship, technology, advocacy, or creativity. Embracing change and pushing boundaries opens doors to impactful and fulfilling professional pursuits.

Ultimately, the decision to align with Team Black or Team Green transcends mere preference—it shapes one's outlook, values, and, indeed, their career choices. As the Dance of the Dragons unfolds in "House of the Dragon," individuals across the realm are faced with a choice that will define not only their allegiance but also their professional destinies. So, are you Team Black or Team Green? Choose wisely, for your career journey awaits.


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