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【文具リテール】店舗運営管理スタッフ ID:25488

Job Description 弊社の文具商品の店舗での販売営業、在庫管理、仕入れサポート業務を行っていただきます。
- 店舗での接客販売
- ローカルの店舗スタッフと協力し、店舗の運営
- マネージャーのフォロー業務
- 仕入れのサポート

- Bugis Juction
- Raffles City
- Jurong Jem
- Kinokuniya Ngee Ann CIty ( Stationery Dept. )
- Kinokuniya Liang Court ( Stationery Dept. )
- Takashimaya Dept Store
- Isetan Scotts ( Stationery Dept. )
Required Qualifications - 日常会話程度の英語力
- サービス精神のある方
- ご経験は問いませんが、文房具に興味がある方。(日本の懐かしい文具がたくさん揃っています。)
- シンガポールでキャリアを築いていきたい方
- シンガポール現地で面接が出来る方
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,000SGD
Location City,West,Central

【文具リテール】店舗統括リーダー(マネジャー候補) ID:25489

Job Description 弊社の文具商品の店舗(拠点)のマネージメントを行っていただきます。
- 店舗での接客・販売指導
- ローカルの店舗スタッフと協力し、店舗の運営
- 数値・コストの分析
- P/Lの管理、MDへの提出
- Bugis Juction
- Raffles City
- Jurong Jem
- Kinokuniya Ngee Ann CIty ( Stationery Dept. )
- Kinokuniya Liang Court ( Stationery Dept. )
- Takashimaya Dept Store
- Isetan Scotts ( Stationery Dept. )
Required Qualifications - 日常会話程度の英語力
- サービス精神のある方
- ご経験は問いませんが、文房具に興味がある方。(日本の懐かしい文具がたくさん揃っています。)
- シンガポールでキャリアを築いていきたい方
- シンガポール現地で面接が出来る方
- マネージメント経験者歓迎
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location City,West,Central

E-Commerce Marketing Assistant(japanese language) ID:25486

Job Description The Marketing Assistant works closely with the E-Commerce Business Development manager, Web Designers and IT team, to help to execute e-marketing programs that include E-mail, Website improvement, SEO or copy writing for web pages or products, along with day-to-day tasks such as implementation of site changes, product addition or order management of B-to-C E-Commerce stores that offer supplements or health products to consumers in Japan.

• Day-to-day e-commerce activities: edition/addition of products to stores, order management, work with other team members or IT team.
• Execution of email marketing: writing for emails, arrangement of promotion, execution of emails, using an email tools, etc.
• Copyrighting: writing product summary, promotional text or related content for web pages or products.
• Website improvement: executing of site improvement initiatives.
• Analytics and Reporting: Using Google Analytics to pull out data on weekly/monthly or ad-hoc basis to create regular reports or evaluate results of marketing initiatives.
• Affiliate Program activities: helping to execute tasks related to Affiliate Program managed by Affiliate manager.
• management of Freelance Copywriters: working as a liaison between internal team and Freelance copywriters
Required Qualifications • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent;
• Minimum JLPT N1, to liaise with our native associates and suppliers daily in Japan to produce written content for our websites, emails or other marketing activities targeting toward the market.
• Relevant experience in purchasing products online as a customer on PC and Mobile environments.
• Basic HTML/CSS and experience using online marketing tools such as Google Analytics, email tools are preferred.
• Proficient in MS Office Application (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Google Apps).
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location West

【eコマース】マーケティングアシスタント ID:25485

Job Description マーケティングアシスタントは、Eコマースビジネス開発マネージャー、Webデザイナー、ITチームと密接に連携して、電子メール、ウェブサイトの改善、SEO、Webページや製品のコピーライティングなどのeマーケティングプログラムの実行を支援します。 現場変更の実施、日本の消費者にサプリメントや健康製品を提供するB to CのEコマース店舗の製品追加や注文管理などの日常的な業務を担当しています。

-E commerceの管理:店舗への製品情報の編集/追加、注文管理、他のチームメンバーまたはITチームとの連携
Required Qualifications •大卒
•基本的なHTML / CSSと、Googleアナリティクス、電子メールツールなどのオンラインマーケティングツールを使用した経験が望ましい
•MS Officeアプリケーション(MS Word、Excel、PowerPoint Google Apps)に堪能な方。

Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location West

Sales Executive ID:25344

Job Description Electrical Product and Material for Electrical and Semiconductor company.
70%, 80% Traveling oversea mainly Indonesia and Philippine
- Identify and develop new clients and business opportunities for company products
- Formulate marketing strategies in target market through gathering of market and competitors' information, mainly and ASEAN countries
- Formulate strategies in the growth of existing accounts
- Ensure prompt AR collection
- Undertake any other assignments and duties which the management may assign from time to time
Required Qualifications - 2 corporate sales experience
- Back Ground from Electrics

- Prior working experience in manufacturing or electronics wholesale industry.
- Familiar with Wires or Tubes products.
- Willing to travel 70%
- Prior Asean and/or business exposure will have an advant
- Preferably possess a car
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

Art Director ID:25392

Job Description - Owner of overall visual direction of the projects
- Define and promote the visual and artistic direction of projects
- Communicate art direction to the team through various media (sketches, concepts, storyboards, videos, documentation)
- Motivate the art team ensuring they keep the artistic direction & mood consistent with defined visual direction
- Work with Creative Director, department Leads and stake holders to ensure art direction is in line with client requirements
- Oversee and manage the work of concept artists, animators and other artists as required
- Guide and consult production artists to ensure visual direction is intact
- Guide and mentor art team with regular feedback including annual appraisals
Required Qualifications - Bachelor’s degree (BFA) or equivalent studies related to the field
- Strong understanding of art fundamentals and visual design
- Good artistic knowledge of game development workflows and pipelines
- Passionate and knowledgeable about visual design and world building
- 5+ ’ AAA console experience in video games production with at least 2 as Art Director or a Lead art role
- Involved in at least one production cycle from start to finish in a Lead art role
- Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
- Excellent organisational and planning skills
- General game-dev software skills (2D and 3D software, can use game engines to show art work)
- Enough technical knowledge of game art to make ‘best-fit’ judgements on art style
- Experience managing art teams (7+ people)

- Experience in other fields of media
- Experience in multicultural development environment
- japanese language skills to liaise with native clients and internal
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location West

Lab Assistant ID:25353

Job Description Replacement Position, Doing Dry Mix Mortar test and report
Company providing Concrete Material, this person need to do test for Promotion. How good the material, how to use.
- Conduct Laboratory Testing in order to assess the performance of customers samples
- Record and Interpret test results for Document and Put in Data
- Provide Hands-on technical training and explain new material for regional customers
- Ensure accuracy and completeness of test results
- Carry concrete slab from warehouse to working bench for lab testing
- Keep clean lab
Required Qualifications - Minimum 3 experience in Dry Mix Mortar related job.
- Prefer Experience in Applying Mortar for testing of Mortar's quality
- Able to carry concrete slab bit heavy

Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location West

Mechanical Engineer Section manager (Factory Automation) ID:23697

Job Description -Conceptual, develops, reviews, conducts and co-ordinates respective projects.
-Supervises, schedules and trains design staff with respect to factory automation design.
-Approval design and monitors the process of releasing drawing.
-Participles in qualifying of processes for productions.
-Maintains knowledge and awareness of technology, customer, competition and government / regulation initiatives.
-Help to determine equipment needs and specifications for manufacturing of design parts.
-Report to Department Head
Required Qualifications ★Must experience in FA!
-Degree/Diploma in Mechanical or Mechanics Engineering.
-management experience in similar industry
-Design experience in similar capacity preferably in industrial Automation, home appliance, or robotic systems experience.
-Moderate travelling may be required
-Good problem solving skill
-CAD knowledge such as solid edge, AutoCAD, or Inventor
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location West

【eコマース】アフィリエイトマネージャー ID:25269

Job Description 新規アフィリエイトパートナーの獲得、既存パートナーとの関係維持を通じて、アフィリエイトプログラムを通じた収益確保を担当。
Required Qualifications <必須 / Must have>
・B2C e-Commerceの経験があれば尚可
・Web分析ツール(Google Anlaytics)等が使えれば尚可
言語 英語ビジネスレベル

Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

【eコマース】SEO戦略マネージャー ID:25270

Job Description サーチ エンジンオプティマイゼーション マーケティングマネージャーは弊社のSEO戦略の管理及び取り組みを実施を主に担当して頂きます。
• 最適なSEO戦略と関連する必要条件、課題及び資源を定義
• 現在のコンテンツを能率的に利用し尚且つ新たな機会の発掘に関連するキーワードリサーチ実施
• 競合企業の戦略リサーチ (backlinks, pages code, and etc)
• ウェブサイト及びウェブページの構造要素SEO分析&リコメンデ―ションの提供
• サーチエンジンプログラムの実施及び管理 (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools)
• リンク構造戦略の開発及び実施
• 必要な技術的構造の作成
• サーチエンジンロボットのためのランディングページの効率活用
• ランキングを向上させるための主なサーチチャンネルに関わるサーチ結果&パーフォマンスの観察及び査定
• ウェブ分析の観察及び査定、さらにSEO戦略のための発展と提案の報告
• 対象のオーディエンスに適合させ、尚且つサイトピジッターの興味を引き付けるような技術を最大限に利用し、すべてのウェブサイトまたインターネットプロパティーの確保
• プラットフォーム、ユーザー体験に関わる全内容が能率的に活用されていることを確定する内部のシステム及び議定書の組み立て
• ランキング、プロファイルやトラフィックを造る上での両オフサイト&オンサイトのアクティビティー及び相互作用の促進
• SEOに関して最新知識に常に遅れずについていく姿勢 - ソーシャルメディア、ネットマーケティングの流行&発達
• ビジネスチームのとのコミュニケーション、また戦略、プロジェクトディプロプメント、タイムライン&結果等の管理 求め
Required Qualifications SEO&総体的ネットマーケティングへの熱意があること
• 創造的尚且つ戦略的な思考があり、また問題等を見極め解決する優れた能力があること
• 注意深く常に期限がある環境の中でマルチタスクを効率的に遂行できること
• 優れた分析的な構造化したプロジェクト管理 そしてタイムマネージメントスキル

• サーチエンジンマーケティング&サーチ エンジンオプティマイゼーションとしての経験が5年以上ある方
• サーチエンジンマーケティング&サーチ エンジンオプティマイゼーションのプロセスについて強い理解がある方
• 人気のキーワードツール使用の経歴がある方(Google, Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.);
• CMS使用の経歴がある方(Google, Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.)
• HTML/CSS, ウェブサイト管理知識がある方
• 上級のマイクロソフトオフィスアプリケ―ション使用能力のある方
• グーグル分析やインターナルレポートツール等の様々なウェブサイト分析ツールを使用した経歴のある方
• PPC プログラムの知識、オーガニック資源&有料資源からの双方からのデーター収集の最適化を実行できる方
• 日本語能力試験 一級があり、日本語で話す、読む、書くなどの能力に支障がないこと。日本語は弊社のお客さま、業者やサプライヤーとのやり取りで必要になります
• 認知された大学からの学位取得

Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

Corporate Planning Executive cum IT Engineer ID:25480

Job Description - PC / server / network management · maintenance · budget creation
- Election and management of IT vendors
- Initiate and participate in various projects (introduction of SAP, regulation of information leak, firewall, migration of email environment, etc.)
- Create Requirement Definitions and Progress management Table to create and manage projects with no trouble or delay
- Inventive idea of ​​internal system cloud and project management for internal efficiency
- management / update / extraction of sales / customer database
- Creation of data for Japan such as KPI · Monthly report. Good communication with each department
- Skill up seminars such as Excel, daily education etc.
Required Qualifications - Fluent in English for internal communication
- Has experience at least 3 in MNC or Company
- Has It Infrastructure experience
- Interested in Corporate planning role
- Good in communication and multi tasking person
- Friendly personality
- Speaking will be advant for internal communication and reporting to native employees at Japan HQ
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

【バルブメーカー】経営企画兼ITエンジニア ID:25197

Job Description - PC/サーバ/ネットワークの管理・保守・予算作成
- IT ベンダーの選出・管理
- 各種プロジェクトの発案・参加 (SAP 導入, 情報流出規制, Firewall, Email 環境移行等)
- 要件定義書や進捗管理表を作成しトラブルや遅れのないプロジェクト作成・管理
- 社内効率化の為、社内システムのクラウド化の発案及びプロジェクトマネージメント
- 売上/顧客データベースの管理・更新・抽出
- KPI 等の日本向けデータの作成・月次リポート。各部署との良好なコミュニケーション
- Excel等のスキルアップセミナー開催、日々の教育等
Required Qualifications - 英語ビジネスレベル
- ITのシステム導入に携わったことがある方
- 経営企画業務に興味がある、経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location West

【非鉄製造メーカー】Factory Supervisor ID:25456

Job Description 在庫管理資料作成、品質管理(現場作業含む)をおまかせいたします。

- エクセルシートへ商品在庫の確認・在庫リストの作成
- 在庫管理・書類処理
- 倉庫の現場責任者との品質やデリバリーに関する打ち合わせ
- 各国から届いたスクラップ情報の入力
- リパック後の在庫管理
- 日本側とのやりとりをし、コンテナーのスケジュール調整
Required Qualifications - 工場での実務経験のある方、製造業での事務経験をお持ちの方 (在庫管理や品質管理の経験者は優遇)
- ビジネスレベルの英語力 (中国語出来る方尚良い) (特段高いレベルでは求めておりません。)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location West

【日系大手物流会社】カスタマーサービス ID:25347

Job Description - お客様からの問い合わせ対応
- 引越し荷物の輸出入業務
- 引越し作業現場への立会い
- 通関に必要な各種書類の作成
- 請求書の発行
- クレーム対応
- その他関連して発生する業務
Required Qualifications ≪業界未経験者歓迎!≫

Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,400SGD
Location West

Purchasing Officer (japanese language) ID:25341

Job Description - Provide procurement support by sourcing for services and equipment
- Negotiate with suppliers to achieve competitive pricing
- Ensure purchases and services are delivered in a timely manner to customers
Required Qualifications - Diploma in Purchasing/Engineering (Preferable)
- Minimum 2 of relevant experience in purchasing or logistics function (Non Exp can consider)
- Good understanding of commercial terms & conditions and Incoterms 2010
- Good negotiation and communication skills
- Proficiency in (at least JLPT Level N3) is required as there would be liaison with -speaking counterparts in Japan
Remarks: There is a wearing of uniform policy in our Client's company and uniform will be issued on 1st day of work.
Salary Monthly Salary 2,800SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location West

Logistics/Warehouse Officer ID:25032

Job Description -Accomplishes warehouse human resource objectives by selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising job contributions; recommending compensation actions; adhering to policies and procedures.
-Meets warehouse operational standards by contributing warehouse information to strategic plans and reviews; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; identifying warehouse system improvements.
-Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of goods.
-manage, control & supervise warehouse day-to-day operations
-Check & confirm raw materials and finished goods against customer orders, picking lists and billings.
-Meets warehouse annual financial budget; monitoring expenditures; identifying variances; implementing preventive and corrective actions.
-Moves inventory by scheduling materials to be moved to and from warehouse; coordinating inventory transfers with related departments.
-Delivers supplies and equipment to departments concern by receiving and transferring items.
-Maintains stor area by organizing floor space; adhering to stor design principles; recommending improvements.
-Maintains inventory by conducting monthly cycle counts; reconciling variances; inputting data.
-Maintain warehouse security systems.
-Keeps lifting equipment, forklifts and elevator operating by enforcing operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; requiring preventive maintenance; calling for repairs.
-Updates job knowledge by participating in all training and educational opportunities provided.
-Accomplishes warehouse and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
Required Qualifications -Singaporean
-Fork lift license
-Proven work experience as a Logistics Officer
-Diploma in logistics, supply chain management or business administration
-Highly effective supervisory skills and techniques
-Knowledge of warehouse software packages and MS Office proficiency
-Ability to input, retrieve and analyze data
-Hands-on commitment to getting the job done
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
-Proven ability to direct and coordinate operations
-Strong organizational and time management skills

Salary Monthly Salary 2,200SGD 〜 3,000SGD
Location West

【日系飲食】キッチンスタッフ ID:24006

Job Description ・日本料理店(ラーメン、焼肉など)でキッチンスタッフとしてのお仕事です。
Required Qualifications ・初心者でも歓迎

Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location City,West,Central,North,East,Other

Sales Support ID:25374

Job Description New Position
- Customer Relationship management
- Raising of projects
- Sample request and dispatch
- Sales presentation slides
- Taking meeting minutes
- Documentation request
- Order entries for some markets and backup for the others
Required Qualifications - Diploma , Degree in Food Science & Technology / Chemical Process Technology or equivalent
- Min 2 of working experience in Food / Manufacturing industry
- Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,000SGD
Location West

Customer Service Coordinator ID:24781

Job Description - Responsible of identifying tasks that are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction levels and communicate with employees to raise awareness of their individual roles in delivering satisfaction
- Responsible for maintaining a high quality standard of customer service.
- Responsible for handling customer inquiries, purchases, service requests and complaints
- Issuance of shipping documents
- Establish and monitor customer service standards in the company
Required Qualifications - A bachelor degree/diploma in logistics or relevant related discipline.
- At least 2 of experience in logistics coordinating.
- Experienced in preparing shipping documents.
- Able to summarize logistics schedule.
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 2,300SGD
Location West

Technical Sales manager ID:23100

Job Description - Responsible for Asia Pacific market and increasing sales (50% New , 50% Existing client)
- Establish and maintain relationships with key decision makers (both development/technical and marketing) through field based support and other regular communication
- Actively seek and manage technical development projects (from initial brief to completion) with targeted accounts
- Travel 50% of the time , If necessary need to travel more.
- manage for Distributor
Required Qualifications - Processed Food science back ground
- Sales or Marketing experience in Food or FMCG industry.
- Willing to travel : once / 3 weeks
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location West

All74 (1〜20 )