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[Engineer(Electrical/Semi-Conductor)] Job search list

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QC Engineer (japanese language) ID:25246

Job Description - Perform full QA / QC work in production process
- To ensure Products passed QC before main production and export shipment
- Able to handle related Manufacturing & Engineering processes
- Ability to work with other related professionals
- Able to travel to Asian region
- Other duties as assigned
Required Qualifications - At least 6 of QA/QC technical experience
- Technically skilled in QC Functions
- Good command of English, and japanese language (JLPTN1), so as to communicate with respective Native speaking customers.
- Experience in traveling to Asian region before
- Pleasant, resourceful and a team player
- Candidate with good health
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location City,Central,East

【EMS製造受託業】生産技術アドバイザー (バタム島) (幹部採用) ID:25160

Job Description 日系の大手電子機器製造業で生産技術職をお任せ致します。

- 新しい生産技術の開発
- 現状の生産体制の課題発見
- 加工手順の決定
- 生産ラインの改良
- 生産現場のヒアリング
Required Qualifications - 大卒以上 (能力次第で交渉可能)
- 組み立て加工の生産技術経験
- 英語かインドネシア語を日常使用出来る方。
- 射出成形の知識があると尚良い
- 近隣諸国への出張が可能な方
- バタム島まで面接に参加出来る方
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location Others,Location


Job Description Work within a broader product development team to:
- Participate in ideation, conceptualization, design, and validation.
- Participate in design reviews to surface issues and derive optimal robust solutions that satisfy customers' business, product, and quality needs.
- Collaborate within same discipline, cross-functional team members, and customer's R&D engineers.
- Communicate design concepts, technical trade-offs, and engineering solutions.

Perform fundamental mechanical engineering functional tasks including:
- manage sub-assembly/component projects to meet defined objectives, including targeted cost, schedule, and budget.
- Define/refine requirements, specifications, and architecture, and design mechanical components, subsystems, and systems.
- Oversee the on-time manufacture and delivery of components and sub-assemblies.
- Perform functional and reliability tests of components, subsystems, and systems, troubleshoot and resolve issues.
- Create the necessary documentation for the components, subsystems, and systems, including reference specifications, design documents, drawings, and process instructions.
- Maintain engineering responsibility of the components, subsystems, and systems through the product life cycle, and create product change orders as necessary.

Perform senior engineering roles including:
- Develop mechanical architecture of new products.
- Provide technical leadership to other engineers
- Ability to conduct experimentation & generate reports to customers.
- Possess good communication skills in English, both written & oral as this position will entail engaging external customers.
Required Qualifications - Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience.
- Min 5 of working experience in mechanical hardware design in R&D or similar product generation environment.
- Printer design experience is an advant. Other relevant experiences include plastic part design, injection molding, prototyping, tolerance analysis and stack-ups, solid modeling, FMEA, and Finite Element Analysis .
- Conversant with DFx and quality concepts including designing for manufacturability, verification and reliability testing, and regulatory requirements.
- Working knowledge of CAD design tools, including SolidWorks and other CAD packages.
- Able to travel overseas with the possibility of extended stays in order to collaborate with engineering or development teams.
- Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English and good inter-personal skills to interact with team members, customers, and vendors.
- Possess a high level of integrity and enjoy working with entrepreneurial teams in a rapidly growing organization.
- Traveling is required (5% to 10%)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 5,300SGD
Location West

【プラスチック成形メーカー】品質保証 ID:25170

Job Description - 顧客からの品質に対する問い合わせ対応、品質改善に向けた対策
- 内部、外部への品質改善レポートと指導
- 品質向上に向けた問題、改善案の検討、QA検査部門との打ち合わせ
- ベンダーの品質管理、生産性の管理
- 商品部の承認プロセスのアシスト
- 外部からの監査対応、すべての品質管理システムが監査に対して準備できているか

Required Qualifications 【必須条件】
- 1年以上の品質保証のご経験
- 技術系高校あるいは専門学校出身者
- 日常会話レベル以上の英語力
‐ 近隣国への出張が可能な方
- プラスチック加工メーカー出身者の方
- 東南アジアでの就労経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 2,800SGD 〜 3,200SGD
Location North

【プラスチック成形メーカー】プロジェクトエンジニア ID:25172

Job Description - 新規プロジェクトの担当: 顧客からの図面設計を受け、ツーリングの製造指揮を行う
- サンプル商品、およびサンプル部品の開発
- エンジニアの指導、調整、商品が完成するまでのスケジュール管理
Required Qualifications 【必須条件】
- 15年以上の製造メーカー経験とプロジェクトエンジニアの経験者
- 技術系高校あるいは専門学校出身者
- 日常会話レベル以上の英語力
‐ 近隣国への出張が可能な方
- プラスチック加工メーカー出身者の方
- ツーリング技術、知識のある方
- 東南アジアでの就労経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location North

【プラスチック成形メーカー】品質保証アドバイザー ID:25171

Job Description - 顧客からの品質に対する問い合わせ対応、品質改善に向けた対策
- 内部、外部への品質改善レポートと指導
- 品質向上に向けた問題、改善案の検討、QA検査部門との打ち合わせ
- ベンダーの品質管理、生産性の管理
- 商品部の承認プロセスのアシスト
- 外部からの監査対応、すべての品質管理システムが監査に対して準備できているか

Required Qualifications 【必須条件】
- 15年以上の品質保証を含んだご経験
- 技術系高校あるいは専門学校出身者
- 日常会話レベル以上の英語力
‐ 近隣国への出張が可能な方
- プラスチック加工メーカー出身者の方
- ツーリング技術、知識のある方
- 東南アジアでの就労経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location North

QA Engineer - North ID:25173

Job Description - Test newly developed software, features, and record any bugs or performance issues.
- Collect information about software usability.
- Identify critical bottlenecks in development.
- Develop and run effective tests to ensure product’s stability and performance.
- Document, prioritize, and resolve bugs.
- Complete projects, review, and reports as needed.
Required Qualifications - 2-3 QA experience in Plastic Manufacture
- chinese language Skill is required to be able to communicate with native Operator for work purposes
- Tooling knowledge will be advant
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location North

PMD Executive (japanese language) ID:25156

Job Description Duties include but not limited to;
1. Provide direct customer contact to promote, expand and sell the various corporate products of all vendors.
2. Attend to unresolved product problems, assist in the coordination of shipments and delivery problem of the sales office s and the manufacturing plants.
3. Provide specialized technical sales support in the area of product engineering, product specification and components compatibility.
4. Be responsible for final evaluations of any/or and all inquiries into inferior products or customer complaints regarding products.
5. Communicate distribution aspects of production capacity, planning; sales forecasting, pricing and order status to appropriate management.
Required Qualifications ☆ Diploma/Degree holder
☆ Able to speak (JLPTN3 and above) to support native japanese manager
☆ Minimum of 1 of relevant experience
- Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power Point
- Able to travel overseas

- Engineering background
- Electronics experience
- Possess class 3 driving licence
- Possess own car
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location West

Service Engineer /Sales engineer(japanese language) ID:25149

Job Description To troubleshoot and provide technical advice to customers. To escalate to head office for assistance when required.
To visit wharf and confirmation ship arrival time
Conduct training for shipyard safety procedures.
Wharf inspection, repair, remodelling and construction (target products: MSB, PMS, GSP, ESB, ECC, AMS, CCC, BATTERY CH, etc.) to support port
To attain construction completion certificate and receipt
Submit construction completion report

Product delivery:
Estimate delivery (cost calculation, quote creation, submission to the customer)
From general-purpose products to special specifications and in-house products
Order numbering for in-house order product number
manage input for order ledger
Purchase orders for orders received form supplier (contractor is Japan headquarter, japanese language required.)
manage for purchase ledger
Handle customer's, supplier and delivery time, delivery location adjustment
Receipt recovery and shipment delivery
Confirmation of the purchase invoice
Handles bills submitted to the customer
Order management ledger, manage input and purchasing ledger

To handle request from the customer in Singapore office in the engineer or the head office technical support for troubleshooting matters.
To contact the department in charge for advice and follow-up with customers.
To propose an estimated cost for unresolvable issues to the customer
Attend to customer inquiries and requirements related to the product and expedite request to the head office technology department. Process the feedback from and execute the proposed suggestions as necessary.
Plan and estimate cost for remodeling or replacement of construction product if required
Estimated costs of negotiations
Order numbering for in-house order number
Input to the order management ledger
Purchase orders for construction parts
manage input for purchasing ledger
Handles customer and supplier’s delivery time and delivery location adjustment
Handles subcontract purchase order for the technology agency.
Prepare service engineers business trip (visa, airline tickets, hotel reservations)
Confirmation of the purchase invoice cost after the completion of construction
Negotiate and submit estimate of completion to the customer
Handles billing
Order management ledger, manage input and purchasing ledger

Propose products materials and services.
Regular client visit
manage account receivables, payment follow-ups and sales/cost and profit reports.
Required Qualifications - 3 of relevant experience in vessel electrical engineering.
(Further training will be provided in Japan after probation)
- japanese language Skill required as employee must be comfortable to communicate with native PICs in (N1/N2 level) as 50% of clients are native Japanese
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West


Job Description • To provide support and application for wafer sort and testing related equipment.
• Service and calibration of Hi-Vacuum pumps and related equipment for the semiconductor industry.
Required Qualifications • Diploma in electrical/electronic.
• Preferably with experience in vacuum technology and/wafer testing.
• Entry level are welcome.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, customer service, oriented, self-motivated and able to work independently.
• Result oriented and able to work under pressure.
• Travelling required.
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location East

プロジェクトエンジニア(工事エンジニア) ID:23450

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 10,000SGD
Location West

サービスエンジニア兼セールスエンジニア ID:23917

Job Description ・船舶の電気・電子製品(配電盤、動力機器、計装装置)修理・点検
Required Qualifications
・入社後、1~3 か月、日本で研修が可能な方
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,000SGD
Location West

Assistant Production manager ID:24894

Job Description -manage the Production department (consisting of Mixing, Kneading and Tabletizing sections).
-Train and instruct Engineers and Supervisors and do monitoring work.
-Set targets of Production, do following up and reporting (Daily, Monthly and Annually).
-Maintain Good Safety and P5S.
-Co-ordinate with ISO and Customers Audits.
-Supervise and improve the Kaizen Team activities.
-manage good industrial relation among all levels.
Required Qualifications -Diploma or Degree in Chemical Process and other related industries.
-Min 3 of relevant working experience in manufacturing industry – Chemical Plant or other process industries with bulk material production facilities.
-Proficient in MS Office with good PowerPoint presentation skills.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location West

Service Engineer ID:23425

Job Description Provide after sales service to build and maintain good customer relations to achieve service targets.
• Perform site acceptance tests, commissioning and start-up assistance.
• Provide field operations and technical support to customers. Interface with customers on after sales service, understand and assist customers in defining their needs.
• Attend to all repairs/maintenance related problems on-site, trouble shoot and resolve technical issues.
• Work closely with sub-contractor technicians in fulfillment of repair schedule.
• Conduct technical training to enable users/customers in optimizing the product performance.
• Provide inputs from field to Engineering and factory for new products design or existing products improvement.
• Interact actively with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and develop service business.
• Ensure full compliance with standard guidelines in product applications, controls and documentation.
• Update customer complaints log system & prepare monthly failure analysis report.
Required Qualifications - skill of at least N3.
-Degree/Diploma in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
-At least 2-5 experience in service related industry
-Technical knowledge in WFD and UPS.
-Excellent communication & presentation skilis.
-independent with good planning and time management skills.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location North

Technical Support Engineer ID:23929

Job Description Provide information concerning products, applications, and problem diagnosis to sales representatives and customers. Conduct product application testing and troubleshooting on customers’ applications. Orchestrate product-related trainings for the purpose of maximizing sales. Possess strong communication skill including active listening. Demonstrate excellent prioritization as well as customer service.

Principal duties and tasks
• Receive phone calls or emails from sales reps and customers and answer inquiries concerning product capabilities, specifications, and applications
• Analyze and troubleshoot customer issues via phone or email
• Research and analyze competitive information pertaining to the company’s products
• Conduct product application testing for sales reps and customers
• Create and update manuals for product training and product demonstration for sales reps
• Plan, design, develop, and conduct trainings on products, applications, and competitive information for salespeople including both new hires and incumbents
• Develop, update, and disseminate key sales enhancement product information via company intranet and/or electronic newsletters
• Coordinate with the parent company in Japan on new product release and other pertinent tasks such as product literature development
• Travel to customer and/or other affiliates for training seminars
• May assist sales reps with on-site presentations to customers, as needed
• Proactively identify areas to improve department operation efficiency and initiate projects to achieve such improvements
• Understand and observe company / department policies and procedures
• Assists office administrator for quotation and order entry
• Other duties or projects, as assigned

• Ability to organize and prioritize tasks, activities, and projects for timely completion
• Active listening skill
• Analytical skill to identify the underlying principles, reasons, or facts by breaking down information or data into separate parts
• Ability to establish and maintain pleasant interpersonal relationships primarily over the phone and emails
• Ability to communicate complex ideas in a simplified fashion
• High degree of service orientation to actively look for ways to help people
• Problem solving skill – identify complex problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
Required Qualifications -Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline (ie. Computer / Electrical Engineer) and/or 1+ year of experience in industrial automation or quality control field preferred.
-C++, Visual Basic and some PLC experience.
-Bilingualism (/English) is mandatory for this role so as to liase with clients.
-Having the driving license.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,100SGD
Location Central,North,East

Service Engineer ID:24273

Job Description • Conduct dealer service training and provide technical support
• Develop training materials for new product introductions
• Assist dealers in resolving field issues
• Enhance dealer’s technical skills competency
Required Qualifications
☆ MUST have experience in electrical field like troubleshooting, best if same industry (forklift)
☆ Diploma/Degree in Mechanical/Mechatronic/Electrical Engineering
☆ At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position

• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Travelling required
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location West

Customer Service Engineer ID:18065

Job Description *Developing long-term relationships with clients, through managing and interpreting their requirements
*Visit Clients (ASEAN area) when the products have problems and solve them
*Working on after-sales support services and providing technical back up as required
*Will be trained in Japan or Thailand constantly to technical/Mechanical/Electrical skill up.
*Wants to be a core member of ASEAN region in the future
Required Qualifications *Have studied in Mechanical or Electrical Field
*No experience in the same industry is OK
*Like to work on machines, cars etc
*Can work flexibly (Need to travel often)
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 3,200SGD
Location City,West,Central

Electrical Engineer ID:22421

Job Description -to set up and maintenance for air- conditioner.
※Air Condition Project (Such as Marina Bay Sands Air Condition System)
Required Qualifications ・Licensed Electrical Worker
・Microsoft Office Skill
・At least 3 year(S) of working experience as an Electrical Engineer.

Salary Monthly Salary 2,500SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location City

Maintenance Engineer ID:18305

Job Description 【Job Responsibilities】 ・Building Maintenance / Technicaian (Air condiction) ・Maintain the Facilities with routine checks on electrical, air-conditioning systems, compressed air and chilled-water systems. ・Must be able to hands on to carry out minor repair
Required Qualifications ・At least 3 year(S) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
・Preferably Junior Executives specializing in Engineering - Electrical, Maintenance/Reqair (Facilities & Machinery) of equivalent.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location City

All19 (1〜19 )