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Marketing Executive ID:24986

Job Description Talent management across the region (APAC / ASEAN, with focus in SG and MY)
Prepare / manage job descriptions, advertisements, reach out to potential new recruits via recruitment portals, LinkedIn searches, networking; outreach to c and warm leads for new opportunities. manage and grow database of professionals for efficient access to man-power resource in short lead time etc
 Engineers in Documentation, Validation, Commissioning and Qualification, Lab Microbiologists, Good Manufacturing and ISO13485 etc
 Pharmacists / Science / Engineering professionals in Regulatory Affairs - executives / specialists in different classification of products, clinical research etc

Client Database management
manage and maintain client database with new added contacts, prepare / present email greetings, training brochures etc to database etc

Website management and Improvement
Enhance website experience and search ranking, improvement of features for data capturing, sign ups, online training store, payment gateway, blog etc

Training Outreach
Social media outreach via website, blog, LinikedIn, email database (Mailchimp), Facebook, Twitter, and others where appropriate.
Preparation / presentation of training brochures for dissemination to database and beyond etc. via all medias

Marketing Collaterals
Preparation and presentation of powerpoint slides, advertorials, or any marketing materials where needed for any outreach programmes

Required Qualifications - Diploma marketing field.
- Marketing experience at least 2 .
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,300SGD
Location West

Recruitment Consultant(japanese language) ID:24639

Job Description Support Recruitment for American and Europe Client in Chemical industry. (Client wants to hire Candidates)
- Check Requirement for Client recruitment needs
- To get new client in Chemical industry
- Interview with and Local candidate
- Answer inquiry for Candidate and Client
Required Qualifications - JLPT more than N3
- Sales , Consulting related for Chemical
- Or HR experience any industry
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City

【日系ITコンサルティング】ITコンサルタント ID:23978

Job Description ・コンサルタントとして金融系6割、製造、サービス企業の業務サポートをします。
Required Qualifications - 英語ビジネスレベル
- ITバックグラウンド : ITコンサルタントポジション向け
- 金融系企業での、バックオフィス業務もしくは法人部門での経験 : 金融コンサルタント向け

Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location City

【日系トレーニング】英語講師(日本勤務) ID:24890

Job Description - カウンセリング:要望や状況、英語レベルのチェック
- プラン作成:コース・学習期間・方法・目標の設定
-受講生一人に対し、週2回/1回50分の講義 :受講生に合わせ、授業を設定
- オンラインでの学習サポート、進捗と目標の確認
- 個人に合わせ、宿題の設定と進捗確認
Required Qualifications - TOEIC800点以上、及びそれに準ずる英語力をお持ちの方
- 英語講師経験がある方
- 営業、コンサル業務経験や、エアライン等での実務経験がある方
- 販売、接客経験のある方
- 海外への留学経験がある方
Salary Monthly Salary 210,000JPY 〜 340,000JPY
Location Others,Location

Social Analyst (japanese language) ID:24769

Job Description Analysis of Social Listening
- Uncovering the relationships between traditional data sources (ePOS/marketshare etc) and the new forms of digital data such as website data, social media data or search data
- Champions the creative & impactful use of business data in PDC delivery
- Works with senior analyst to determine methods of combining multiple data sets & crafts a compelling story
- Query building & data extraction from digital data tools (e.g. Brandwatch, Clarabridge, etc.)
- Create insightful dashboards and important alerts for internal customers
- Derive insights by analyzing digital data (e.g. trends, themes, etc.) to answer business questions
- Communicate these insights to internal business partners (meetings, report writing, etc.)
- Deliver real-time analysis for brand campaigns / crises / always-on campaigns
– Perform analysis on-the-fly & feed into marketing activities during ‘campaign nerve centres’
Required Qualifications ☆ in English and (Min. JLPT N1) to converse, read and write documents.
☆Min. Degree in data analytics, numerical or critical thinking related field
☆Possess working experience in data analytics, numerical or critical thinking
- Proven track record of analytical ability
- Ability to use SQL
- Passion for analysis and insight discovery
- Experience in corporate storytelling or the communication of complex information in a simplified way
- Experiencing manipulating and analysing large datasets
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000 〜 7,000
Location City

【日系コンサルティングファーム】アシスタント(パート) ID:24865

Job Description 社内にて社員の方の業務のサポートをご担当していただきます。
Required Qualifications ☆ビジネスレベルでの英語力(電話で銀行へ口座開設の必要書類の確認ができる程度)
Salary Monthly Salary 15SGD 〜 20SGD
Location City,Central

【進出コンサルティング】シンガポール拠点責任者 ID:24836

Job Description

Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location City

【進出コンサルティング】コーディネーター ID:24835

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500SGD 〜 4,500SGD
Location City


Job Description - Practice Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for biopharmaceutical plant
- Maintain / operate process valves (to flush, clean, and document sanitary valves every night)
- Explain technical observations in writing
Required Qualifications - Min. Nitec in a technical field (e.g. Engineering or Science)
- Fluent in English to explain technical terms in writing
- Able to work permanent night shift 00:00-08:00, Mon-Fri
Salary Monthly Salary 1,800 〜 2,000
Location West

セールス(ウェルスマネジメント) ID:24116

Job Description 富裕層のお客様に対し、資産運用その他のサービスを提供していただきます。
Required Qualifications
- ウェルスマネジメント経験者
- 日常会話程度の英語力
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000 〜 10,000
Location City

Service Technician ID:24753

Job Description ・Take proactive steps to improve and upgrade one’s knowledge of pests and treatment issues
・Attend trainings organised by companies
・Plan travel routes and organise jobs in the most efficient manner
・Highlight in toolbox meeting any issues faced on the ground
・Inform and seek supervisor’s and manager’s advice if face issues
・Do not get into confrontational situations with client and always seek back up from supervisors or office
・Attend to customers’ requirements and carry out the appropriate treatment
・Provide great customer service and attention to customers
・Ensure that the corrective action to the complaints is properly and efficiently dealt with
・Check that the chemicals used are in good condition and is within the effective date
・Record service reports, daily work reports and other work related forms in a detailed, accurate and timely manner.
・Maintain equipment and be responsible for any troubleshooting and cleaning
・Maintain vehicle and be responsible for maintenance and servicing (for staff who are assigned a vehicle)
・Any other duties as and when assigned
Required Qualifications ☆Possess NEA Vector Control Licence and class 3 driving licence will be an advant
☆At least 1 year related working experience
*Working hours Mon to Fri from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm
Salary Monthly Salary 1,600SGD 〜 1,770SGD
Location East

M&A consultant(japanese language) ID:24205

Job Description
*Business planning(ex. M&A) for clients
*Consultation for clients
*Project management
Required Qualifications
*japanese language Skill (JLPT N1-N2) is required to liase in with native clients
*Related experience in M&A, business consulting
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

【日系コンサルティング】金融コンサルタント ID:23843

Job Description 【仕事内容】


Required Qualifications -金融系企業のコンサルタント経験、もしくは金融系企業で経営やプロジェクトを指導した経験のある方。

Salary Monthly Salary 8,000SGD 〜 10,000SGD
Location City

金融事務スタッフ ID:24115

Job Description 銀行、投資顧問会社の金融事務としての業務をお任せいたします。
Required Qualifications
- 金融業界経験者(金融事務経験歓迎)
- 気配りのできる方
- ビジネスレベルの英語力
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000 〜 6,000
Location City

IR ID:22891

Job Description -IR related work(In house)
-Disclosure business
Required Qualifications -Work experience at Listed company in Singapore
-Knowledge about real estate industry
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 7,000SGD
Location City

All15 (1〜15 )