3 Strategies to Start the New Year Right

CareerDecember 28, 2022 16:00

2023 is just one week away! After a rather tumultuous 2022, you are probably looking to start the New Year off the right way. What the New Year brings to you heavily depends on what you bring into it; hence, you should give the New Year much deliberate thought.

Starting the New Year off on the right foot career-wise will help you set the tone for 2023 and gear you towards success. Whether you desire to embark on a career move or advance in your current role, here are 3 key strategies to start the New Year in a good way.

1. Set Clear Career Goals

You should start by developing a long-term vision for your career progression. The following questions can serve as helpful prompts for you to gain clarity. Which industry—and more specifically, which company—do you envision yourself in a decade from now? How will your career support your personal life?

Once you have attained clarity on your career vision, it’s time for you to zoom into the nitty gritty details. With the big picture settled, you can now set your career goals for the new year ahead. Take some time to ponder on what you want to achieve in your career going forward. This can include specific milestones or achievements, such as securing an internal promotion or landing a new job.

Then, make a plan for how you will work towards these milestones. In order to track your progress accurately, divide each milestone into several smaller tasks with consistent deadlines. For instance, if you wish to land a new job, the task can be as simple as applying to at least five companies per week. By setting clear goals which are realistic and measurable, you can stay focused as you work towards your aspirations.

2. Maintain a Strong Professional Network

In addition to setting clear career goals, it is important to build and maintain strong professional relationships. Having a strong network of professional contacts is definitely a valuable asset in your career.

To this end, you can consider attending industry events or joining professional organisations to strengthen your network. Taking the initiative to reach out to your colleagues from previous companies counts as well—you can maintain these connections via coffee chats. It can even be held online via Google Meet or Zoom.

3. Invest Continually in Personal Learning and Development

In today’s competitive labour market, continual skills upgrading is a non-negotiable. Therefore, if you wish to start the ball rolling career-wise in 2023, you should invest in your personal learning and development. This is in line with recent recommendations made by the Singapore government.

In your current role, do not shy away from tasks which may be drastically different than what you are used to. Frame these challenges as a way you can grow as a professional and advance in your career.

You can also consider utilising your SkillsFuture credits to pick up a new skill. The SkillsFuture course offerings will be refreshed from 2023 onwards, with an emphasis on highly transferable skills such as sustainability and software development.

Finally, don’t forget to proactively seek out new opportunities. Despite evident signs of a looming recession and slower economic growth, do not be overly affected by the doom and gloom surrounding you. There is always opportunity in every economic climate—the onus is on you to discover them.

Thus, keep an eye out for new opportunities which will allow you to fulfil your overarching career vision, be it a global conference or an industry-wide trade show. You never know which doors may open!

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