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8,000 SGD ~ 10,000 SGDCentralabout 2 months ago


  • Salary

    8,000 SGD ~ 10,000 SGD

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  • Job Description

    Our client is a Dubai and London-based family office looking to expand into Singapore. Our client is looking to hire a Trader who can trade in financial market upon business expansion to Singapore.

    This hire will be in charge of executing and managing trades involving financial instruments (shares, future options) within the equity markets to capitalize on market opportunities and optimize portfolio performance.

    【 What you will be doing 】
    - Market Analysis:
    Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify trading opportunities in derivative instruments.
    Stay informed about global economic trends, geopolitical events, and market news that could impact derivative markets.

    - Trade Execution:
    Execute trades in derivatives, such as options and futures, to capitalize on identified opportunities.
    Implement trading strategies while managing risk and adhering to regulatory guidelines.

    - Risk Management:
    Develop and implement risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses.
    Monitor and manage the risk exposure of the derivatives portfolio.

    - Technology Utilization:
    Utilize trading platforms and technology tools to execute trades efficiently and make informed decisions.

    - Performance Monitoring:
    Monitor and evaluate the performance of trades and strategies, making adjustments as necessary.
    Track and analyze key performance metrics to assess the success of trading strategies.

    - Compliance:
    Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies governing derivative trading activities.

    - Continuous Learning:
    Stay abreast of industry trends, new financial instruments, and evolving market dynamics.
    Continuously enhance trading skills and knowledge through training and professional development.


  • Requirement

    【 What they are looking for 】
    - Minimum Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Mathematics or a relevant field.
    - 3-5 years of experience in Equity Index, Commodities or Rate Trading
    - Capable of formulating strategies like Straddle, Calendar Spread, Cross asset trading
    - Has good understanding of Index derivative to create Strangles or Modified Strangles to buy and sell of far and Near expiry of Index Option.
    - Good knowledge of Bloomberg, Trading Technology, Steller and other trading tools

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  • Benefit

    【 What they are offering 】
    - Variable Bonus (Depends on Company and Individual performance)
    - Annual Leave 14 days (Maximum of 18 days)
    - Medical Leave
    - Medical Benefit

  • Working Hour

    9:00 ~ 6:00

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