Forex Trader (Junior)ID:34806

5,000 SGD ~ 7,000 SGDCentral9 days ago


  • Salary

    5,000 SGD ~ 7,000 SGD

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  • Job Description

    Our client is a Dubai and London-based family office looking to expand into Singapore. They are looking for a Forex Trader (Junior) to join their team as they expand their Singapore office.

    This person will be responsible for buying and selling currency pairs in the foreign exchange market with the aim of making a profit.

    【 What you will be doing 】
    - Market Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the foreign exchange market, including fundamental and technical analysis, to identify trading opportunities.
    - Trading Execution: Execute trades in currency pairs based on the analysis and market trends. Monitor and manage open positions to maximize profits and minimize losses.
    - Risk Management: Develop and implement risk management strategies to protect the trading capital. Set stop-loss and take-profit levels for each trade.
    - Research: Stay updated with global economic and political events that can impact currency markets. Conduct research to understand market trends and factors influencing currency movements.
    - Decision Making: Make quick and informed decisions under pressure. Adapt trading strategies based on changing market conditions.
    - Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and trading policies. Adhere to trading guidelines and risk management protocols set by the organization.
    - Performance Monitoring: Track and evaluate trading performance. Analyze trading strategies and outcomes to improve future trading decisions.
    - Communication: Maintain effective communication with colleagues, traders, and analysts. Share insights and collaborate with team members to enhance trading strategies.


  • Requirement

    【 What they are looking for 】
    - A Bachelor's Degree is required, with a preferred Master's in Finance, Business, or Economics.
    - Good knowledge of the Finance industry and FOREX futures and options, market trends, and aptitude for mathematics
    - Flair for running a profitable book and developing one's own strategies

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  • Benefit

    【 What they are offering 】
    - Annual Leave 14 days (Maximum of 18 days)
    - Medical Leave
    - Medical Benefits

  • Working Hour

    9:00 ~ 6:00

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