Workers will be allowed to remove masks in the workplace when not interacting with others

NewsMay 05, 2022 09:31

From Apr 26  onwards, employees are allowed to return to their workplaces and can choose to not wear their masks if they are not interacting with others or in customer-facing roles.

This is an increase from the limit of 75% and the government has also removed limits on group sizes or safe distancing requirements as COVID-19 is becoming endemic. Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) has also been lowered to yellow, signaling an improved situation.

“Under DORSCON Yellow, each of us must continue to comply with the safe management measures and exercise social responsibility. This means that if you are unwell, you should stay home. We must also maintain good personal hygiene and adhere to health advisories,” said Gan Kim Yong, co-chair of the multi-ministry task force.

What is interesting is the recent survey findings of 2000 workers who have been remote working so far. Last July and August, 34% of employees felt that working from home most days was the new normal. However, this figure fell further in April 2022 to 20 percent. This indicates that employees who prefer to work from home on most days have fallen sharply, but the same group (4 in 10) also said that they would consider quitting if they were forced to return to the workplace fully.
The report noted, “This suggests that there has been a shift in attitudes towards living with COVID-19 as more employees return to the office, and as COVID-19 case numbers come under control.” 

Would you prefer to work from home or work from the office on most days now that mask-wearing is no longer compulsory all the time in the workplace?