Navigating Singapore's Labour Market in 2024: Insights from Job Vacancies Report

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Editor’s Note: This is the second part of our two-part series exploring Singapore's labour market dynamics in 2024. Gain a deeper understanding of the trends shaping the economy and workforce, and discover strategies for success in the evolving job market landscape. Join us as we dissect key findings and their implications for companies and workers across various sectors.



In the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore's labour market, the dynamics of job vacancies offer a revealing glimpse into the trends shaping the economy and workforce. The recently released "Job Vacancies 2023" report sheds light on these trends, highlighting key findings that carry significant implications for both companies and workers across various sectors.


Key Findings from the Job Vacancies Report

1. Surge in Newly Created Positions: The report reveals a notable increase in newly created positions among all job vacancies. In 2023, these positions accounted for 47.3% of vacancies, marking the highest proportion since the series began in 2018. This surge underscores the dynamism of Singapore's economy, driven by business expansion into existing and new functions.

2. Rise of PMET Vacancies: Another noteworthy trend is the continued rise in the proportion of Professional, Managerial, Executive, and Technical (PMET) vacancies, reaching 57.2% in 2023. Sectors such as Information & Communications, Financial & Insurance Services, Professional Services, and Health & Social Services witnessed a pronounced demand for skilled workers, reflecting the evolving needs of the workforce.

3. Tech Jobs in High Demand: Despite industry restructuring and layoffs, jobs with a technology focus remained robust in 2023. Software developers, system analysts, and other tech-related roles ranked among the top PMET vacancies. This trend underscores the critical role of technology in driving innovation and economic growth, with companies willing to offer competitive salaries to attract top talent.

4. Shift Towards Skills-Based Hiring: A significant shift observed in recruitment practices is the increasing emphasis on relevant experience and skill sets over academic qualifications. Employers are increasingly open to hiring candidates based on their practical capabilities, signalling a departure from traditional hiring criteria and a move towards a more inclusive talent pool.

5. Addressing Vacancy Challenges: Efforts to address vacancies unfilled for six months or more have yielded positive results, with a decline observed in 2023. Strategies such as technology adoption, job redesign, and skills upgrading have played a pivotal role in alleviating manpower shortages, particularly in non-PMET roles.


Future Implications and Recommendations

Looking ahead, the findings from the "Job Vacancies 2023" report have several implications for businesses and workers in Singapore. As the economy continues to evolve, upskilling and reskilling will be imperative for individuals to seize new opportunities emerging from business expansion. The government's support initiatives, including Career Conversion Programmes and Jobs Transformation Maps, aim to facilitate this transition and ensure a skilled workforce aligned with industry demands.

Employers are encouraged to adopt skills-based hiring practices and improve the attractiveness of job offerings to tap into a wider talent pool. Initiatives such as Support for Job Redesign and Flexible Work Arrangements can enhance job quality and accessibility, contributing to a more inclusive and resilient workforce.

For a detailed analysis of the "Job Vacancies 2023" report, visit the Manpower Research and Statistics Department website. Footnote: The statistics cited in this article are based on data available from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.



By combining the insights from the Labour Market Report for the fourth quarter of 2023 with the findings from the Job Vacancies 2023 report, it becomes evident that Singapore's labour market is characterised by resilience, dynamism, and evolving trends. By embracing transformation, leveraging government support, and investing in career development, Singaporean companies and workers can adapt to emerging challenges and thrive in the evolving landscape.


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