7 Qualities of a Great Colleague to Work With

GeneralNovember 18, 2020 13:48

Written by Max Loong

We all dream about working in an environment with great colleagues to work with. Truth to be told, the reality is usually less ideal than we imagined. While it can be challenging at times when working with others, it’s better to work on the things that you can control – yourself.

So instead of looking for better colleagues to work with, why not work to be a better colleague yourself? Here are a few qualities of a great colleague that might just make you everyone’s favourite colleague.


“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”. Being able to be trusted by colleagues with your character and work ethic will say a lot about you. Meeting deadlines, keeping promises, and taking responsibility for your own lapses will make you become someone that can be counted on.


A common trait for leaders, a self-starter leads the way to get things done. This means being the first to pitch in new ideas or giving constructive feedback before being asked to. If you’re working with teams, being quick on your feet to help struggling team members without asking them to do so will earn their respect.


This is not about being positive all the time. Rather, everyone appreciates a team member who can assume good things will happen eventually, even in difficult times. Having an optimistic personality, you can help others feel more excited and enthusiastic in their work.


People just like to work with professionals who can cooperate and contribute to the team’s goals. Staying focused on the objectives as a collective team and deliver “win-win” solutions for every situation will make you a valuable team player.


The ability to put yourself in other person’s shoes is a great quality to have in creating a harmonious working environment. A good colleague shows care and concern because they know everyone has their fair share of either personal or professional problems. Being empathetic t others makes them feel appreciated and foster greater trust and mutual respect.


The way we work, and its’ circumstances are constantly evolving, and adaptability to change is key especially in competitive industries. With more changes coming at an increasing rate, you will need to keep up and embrace these changes with a positive attitude.

Being flexible also means that you are receptive to different perspectives and know that there is more than one way to get things done. You don’t have to agree with all of them, but    


“A great man is always willing to be little.”. As much as it is important to celebrate your successes, a good colleague understands the importance of giving their team members credit when it is due. Your team already knows your contribution, so try not to exaggerate your value or importance. Stay humble and grounded.


These are just a few qualities among many to develop strong working relationships with your colleagues. Who knows, it might just make you a better person too!


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