7 Infographics to Keep You Mentally Sane while WFH

GeneralOctober 13, 2020 17:25

Written by Max Loong

As the world continues to fight through the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has been a norm for most people a while now. While working from home is a luxury not everyone has, those who can work from home for a prolonged period of time might have some effects on a person's mental health. While we've seen more emphasis on workplace mental health from the Singapore government in recent news, we thought that we might share a few infographics that might help you stay mentally healthy through this period. 

1. United Nations - 5 tips to take care of your mental health while working from home during COVID-19

2. Louisa Cannell - WFH Tips + Tricks

3. ActiveLife Chiropractic - Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle at Work

4. Agency for Integrated Care - Staying Positive Through COVID-19

5. Agency for Integrated Care - Fear Versus Reality

6. National Youth Council - A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way When Job Hunting


7. Agency for Integrated Care - How to Survive Working from Home with Kids


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