5 Signs you Should Quit your Job

CareerMarch 25, 2021 13:31

Written by Tara Chloe

Going through the job search phase can be a pain. The anxious feeling you get from updating your resume to going for interviews is not one we usually enjoy. It’s like getting out from a relationship that’s not working - it’s uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary for your growth.

As much as we want to be in company for the long run, let’s face it. When it’s time to leave it’s time to leave. So how do you know it’s time you should consider leaving? Here are 5 signs that tell you it’s time you quit your job:

  1. You’re dragging yourself to work everyday
    • Feeling sad that the weekend is over?
    • Dreading work. You’re unhappy most of every day doing this work.

This can be pretty obvious, but sometime it might be a case of the Monday blues. But if this feeling stretches out for a long period of time, this can be a telling sign you should leave.


  1. You see no purpose in my current tasks/stuck in routine

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Think about your current tasks or projects that you have right now.

  • Do you feel that you’re not using your full potential at work?
  • Does the outcome of the work you’re doing feel meaning less of negative to you?
  • Are you starting to make careless mistakes?
  • Or do you feel too comfortable at your job?

If you say yes to most of these points, maybe it’s time you look for greener pastures.


  1. You’re stressed and it’s affecting my health and personal life
  • Is work stress affecting your sleep, appetite, or your outlook to the everyday life?
  • Is your work eating up on your personal time you’re supposed to spend with your family, or people you care for (including yourself?)

Remember your personal well-being is the ONLY priority above anything else. So, if you feel that any of these points, it’s definitely a big red flag.


  1. Your ethics is compromised
    • Colleague/Company doing things that does not align with your belief/values?

See colleagues or the company conducting unethical practices, or do things that does not align with your belief and values? Know where your limits are, protect yourself from these liabilities.


  1. Your working environment is tainted with extreme toxicity

How to tell if your workplace is toxic? Consider this:

    • Is everyone complaining about work all the time?
    • Are people playing the blame game?
    • Is management putting others down for their work?

If any of these is true all the way to the top management, then this might not be a right working culture for you.


Any of these signs stands true to you? Then it’s time to plan your exit strategy. How do you get started?


  1. Know that it’s ok to disappoint others
    • It’s your career and life, your company does not owe you a living
    • Sometimes you have to look out for yourself, the company will replace with someone else when you leave them
  2. Have a game plan
    • Set goals for your career (What are you looking for in your career?)
    • Have a backup plan (consider job market and opportunities available)
    • What actions are you going to take so that you’re ready to leave?

Hope these tips will help to make a better career decision for you.


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