Job Vacancies and Tech jobs openings hit a record high

NewsDecember 22, 2021 14:03


Record number of Job vacancies in September 

Due to border restrictions and manpower demand, job vacancies in Singapore have reached a record high of 98,700 in September, according to the Ministry of Manpower. This also means that the number of job vacancies is more than twice the number of unemployed people.

The increasing number of vacancies was due to border restrictions that limited the inflow of foreign labour, especially observed in sectors with a significant drop in work permit holders such as manufacturing, construction, food and beverage, administrative, and support services which accounted for 38 percent of total vacancies.


There was also sustained demand in growth sectors such as professional services, financial services, information, and communications as well as health and social services. Roles with more vacancies included software, web, and multimedia developers, system analysts, commercial and marketing sales executives, accountants, and nurses. The tight labour market is set to continue for 2022 as well.


Tech job openings hit a new high in October

According to a job posting analysis by Indeed, demand for tech jobs has reached a new high since Feb 2021 October. Job postings rose by 4.7 percent in October alone but rose 76 percent since 1 Feb last year.

In particular, there is exceedingly high demand for talents in sectors such as production (153 percent increase since 1 Feb 2020), installation and maintenance (117 percent increase), tech (101 percent increase), and transportation (99 percent increase). Engineering and Healthcare roles were also highly sought after during this period.

The higher number of job opportunities spell good news for Singapore as it highlights the economy’s strong resilience amidst the pandemic.

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