Software EngineerID:31689

3,300 SGD ~ 4,500 SGDEast
  • 职业类别

    Software Engineer

  • 产业类别


  • 工作内容

    Our client is a company that provides IT security services and they are looking for a Software Engineer, to support the business in development and maintenance of the products.

    【What you will be working on】
    - Design, develop and maintain product suite to provide authentication and authorisation solutions to enterprises.
    - Provide training for product features.
    - Third-level support to assist customer service and solving/troubleshooting customer issues.
    - Other ad-hoc duties as assigned.

  • 应征条件

    【What they're looking for】
    - Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
    - Highly proficient in Java programming.
    - Experience in developing web apps by using Java technology (e.g. Servlet, JDBC) and concurrent server-side apps with Java.
    - Knowledge of enterprise servers and directory servers.
    - Working experience with .NET is a plus.
    - Open to inexperienced candidates with confidence in the skills involved (There will be a competency test)

  • 工作时间

    0900 ~ 1800

  • 福利制度

    【What they are offering】
    - Annual Leave: 14 Days
    - Medical Coverage
    - Flexible working hours

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