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[East] x [Software/Information Processing] x [Junior] Job search list

Conditions in searching
All7 (1〜7 )

Business Development manager ID:26323

Job Description Business Development manager
Purpose: To develop new business opportunity and create successful business and pave the way for repeat business. To promote our product and solution. To identify the next growing segment and develop the strategy to penetrate in.

New Business Development
• By working with Sales PIC effectively
• To develop new biz opportunity and create successful case then pave the way for repeat biz
• To promote the new concept, product and application (such as RFID)
• To identify the next growing segment and develop the strategy to penetrate in
• To focus on big consumables project and follow up with sales team
• To increase revenue from SI
• Ad-hoc duties as assigned

Leadership management
• To display the right attitude so as to be a role model for the juniors and ensure teamwork within the group
• To initiate sales plan and execute within a small team
• To develop strategy and execute by giving clear directions, making proper processes and flow, and having the team motivated
• To learn new skills and knowledge so as to remain competitive and impart them to the juniors
• To promote “DCS and Labeling” and “Go deep and narrow” concepts
• To provide guidance on sales processes and sales skills if there is need
• To solve the problem constructively whenever it is needed
Required Qualifications • Minimum 5 in the industry (Information Technology)
• Experience in managing a team (management position)
• Experienced in Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) Industry/ HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Market/ IT/ Project
• Experienced in Channel Sales/Direct Sales
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000SGD 〜 6,000SGD
Location East

Assistant Account manager ID:26322

Job Description Assistant Account manager
Purpose: To generate profits for the Company by finding and bringing business opportunities to meet monthly individual sales target and group target

Account management
• Perform c calls, lead generations, prospecting and pitching that will lead to sales closure and meet the monthly individual and group sales target
• Provide good support to customers for building and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction
• Responsible for the preparation of solution proposals and quotations for customers
• To have positive learning attitude to keep the team updated
• To maintain good engagement with existing customers, while exploring new business opportunities and creating new accounts
• To understand “DCS and Labeling” and “Go deep and narrow” concepts and promote them

• To learn new skills and knowledge so as to remain competitive
• To propose ideas that could make the organization better whenever they are found
• To work constructively by having the right attitude within the team as well as with other departments/sections
• Other ad-hoc duties as assigned
Required Qualifications - Candidate must at least possess a Diploma
- Needs to in & English to communicate with native clients
- Prefer candidates with IT Turnkey Solution
- Prefer candidates with experience from Retail/ Healthcare/ Govt/ Manufacturing industry
- Need to possess own vehicle (Transport/Patrol/Mobile allowances is provided)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 3,500SGD
Location East

【ITインフラ】プロジェクトマネージャー/インフラエンジニア ID:25446

Job Description - クラウドサービスをベースとしたソリューション開発
- 自社サービスの構築、改善、運用
- SI案件における提案支援、設計、構築、運用
Required Qualifications ・必須の経験
- 3年以上のシステム構築の経験
- システム運用構築または運用の経験

- 英語:業務レベル(英語での打ち合わせ、ドキュメント作成ができること)
- ネットワーク:L2およびL3の基礎を理解している。冗長構成を含めた小規模LANが構築可能。
- サーバ:Windows ServerまたはLinuxのOSインストールおよび設定が可能。
- 仮想化:VMwareの構築が可能。vCenterを用いたマルチサイト構築が可能。VCPレベルの知識。
- クラウド:AWS,Azureなどのクラウドサービスへの基礎的理解

- 小規模のプロジェクトマネジメント。WBS、スケジュール作成および進捗管理。
- ネットワーク:SD-WAN、IPSECなどを用いた複数サイトのNW構築。Firewallなどのセキュリティ製品の構築。
- 仮想化:VMware VCAPレベルの知識
- クラウド:AWS,Azureを用いたシステム構築。または運用。
- 監視システムの設計、構築、運用
- DRサイトの設計、構築、運用構築
- ストレージ:VMware環境向けのストレージ設計および構築
- 運用を考慮したシステム設計およびドキュメント作成
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 6,500SGD
Location Central,East

Firmware Engineer ID:26112

Job Description • To support SATO’s global subsidiaries and customers by providing firmware solutions on time to satisfy the user’s requirements
• To consistently update our printer firmware with new technology and error corrections
• Develop special customized firmware according to customers requests and requirements
• Enhance or correct issues pertaining to printer standard firmware
• Increase competitiveness of our products against others by implementing new technology into our line of products
• Perform testing and evaluation of developed products
• Create and prepare documentations for specifications, firmware designs and evaluation
• Involved in discussions with SATO’s global subsidiaries to better understand the needs and requirements of end users
• Other ad-hoc duties as assigned
Required Qualifications • Diploma/Degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Electronic Engineering
• Minimum 2 of relevant working experience in same field
• At least intermediate C/C++ programming skills
• Strong problem solving ability and analytical skill
• Practical knowledge of embedded systems and networking protocols preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location East

System Engineer ID:25926

Job Description • Validate the deliverable of Software Development against software specification by performing software functional testing
• Conduct deployment, implementation, training and UAT support for smooth go-live
• Summarize project result and share with Systems Engineering and Software
• Development for further improvements Systems Support
• Participate in exhibitions, work committee on the preparation and set-up of printers/scanners/software
• Provide technical support to customers and sales (e.g. Testing, Deployment, Training, Demonstration, Troubleshooting and Recommending Solution) for customized software development projects
• Provide technical support to customers and sales for off the shelf label issuing software (e.g. Label Gallery)
• Provide label template design service to customers and sales using off the shelf label issuing software (i.e. Label Gallery Outsource Project management)
• Conduct quality control for deliverables of 3rd party software company based on software proposal and software specification.
• Report issue, bug and concerns to 3rd party software company for correction
• Liaise with 3rd party software company for problem solving in case customer reports issue after go-live
• Other ad-hoc duties as assigned
Required Qualifications • Degree in Computer Science
• Minimum 3 of relevant working experience
• Knowledge in C#,, Windows operating system, networking, software concept
• Good communication skill
• Able to work independently as well as a team player
• Able to travel when required (Day trip: Batam, JB)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location East

Software Engineer ID:25927

Job Description • Execute full software development life cycle (SDLC)
• Develop flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions
• Write well designed, testable code
• Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility
• Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
• Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures
• Document and maintain software functionality
• Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems
• Deploy programs and evaluate user feedback
• Comply with project plans and industry standards
• Collaborate with hardware and system team for deployment, system fine tuning and technical supports
• Provide technical support to customers and sales for customized software development projects
• Research, plan and execute with a tam of software engineer(s) in Software and Solution department for software development platform upgrade, knowledge base upgrade and new technology support
Required Qualifications • Degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Information System
• Minimum 3 of related working experience
• Knowledge in C#,, HTML
• Able to work in a fast pace environment
• Good interpersonal and communication skills and a team player
• Good problem solving skills
• Able to travel when required
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000SGD 〜 4,000SGD
Location East

System Engineer(japanese language) ID:25445

Job Description
- Solution development based on cloud service
- Implementing and operation management for our own service
- Designing, implementing for SI project
- Network: L2 and L3, implement LAN
- OS server installation for Windows Server or Linux
- VMware implementation
- Support clients
Required Qualifications
☆ Minimum Diploma in Computer Science or equivalent
☆ At least 3 of system implementation experience
☆ Experience in system operation and maintenance
☆ Basic skill (JLPT N2 level) to support native clients
- Network: L2 and L3 understanding, able to implement LAN
- Server: able to do OS installation for Windows Server or Linux
- Virtualization: VMware implementation, able to use vCenter, knowledge of VCP level
- Cloud: basic understanding of AWS, Azure

(Nice to have)
- Small project management experience (WBS, schedule management)
- Network: Multi-site network implementation with SD-WAN, IPSEC. Implementing security system such as Firewall
- Virtualization: knowledge of VMware VCAP
- Cloud: System implementation or operation/maintainance with AWS, Azure
- Implementing, operating, maintaining for monitoring system
- Implementing, operating, maintaining for DR site
- Stor: Stor planning, implementation for VMware
- System planning and document creation in terms of operation
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500SGD 〜 5,500SGD
Location Central,East

All7 (1〜7 )