Production SupervisorID:31347

2,400 SGD ~ 2,700 SGDWest
  • Job Function

    Other, Production Engineer/Technician, Other(Materials/Chemical Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    The role of the Production Supervisor is to ensure that Production schedules are met within acceptable quality and safety levels. You will be reporting directly to the Assistant / Production Engineer.

    【What you will be working on】
    - Ensure that there will be no line-down situation on the production floor.
    - Keeps records of Inventory and Ensure that there is sufficient material inventory for Production use.
    - Ensure that Process parameters, Check-sheet, Data-sheet readings are within the prescribed operational range.
    - Ensure that subordinates carry out necessary check sheets and record sheets before, during, and after activities.
    - Prepares progress and statistical reports related to Production, QMS, EMS, and OHS performance.
    - Performs NAV System.
    - Supervises Production Technicians and Production Assistants in ensuring that QMS EMS and OHS procedures are adhered to.
    - Understands Risk Management, FMEA, 8D, 5Why, etc., and ensures that the risks and gaps are identified and the control measures are in place and communicated to the Production Technicians and Production Assistants.
    - Daily Inspection of production area and Ensure proper housekeeping.
    - Enforce shop floor discipline and uplift morale of Production Technicians and Production Assistants.
    - Ensure adherence to standard operating procedure.
    - Provide necessary training to upgrade the skills and job knowledge of the Production Technicians and Production Assistants.
    - Conduct follow-up actions to all related production activities as and when is needed.
    - Perform any other task as instructed by Superior.

  • Requirement

    【What they're looking for】
    - Minimum Possess a Diploma
    - At least 2 years of experience as a Product Specialist
    - Microsoft office skills

  • Working Hour

    8:30 ~ 17:30

  • Benefit

    【What they are offering】
    - AWS (1 month)
    - VB (Depends on Company Profit, about 2-4 months)
    - Annual Leave: 14 days (Maximum 21 days)
    - Medical Benefit incl Dental
    - Educational Support
    - OT allowance
    - Transportation allowance
    - Medical insurance
    - Uniform provided
    - Cleanroom environment

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