Product Manager - BlockchainID:30304

8,000 SGD ~ 13,000 SGDEast, City
  • Job Category

    Product Development/Marketing

  • Industry

    Software/Information Processing, Finance(Other), Other

  • Job Description

    Our client is a Singapore-based tech company specialized in developing and providing blockchain-based solutions across multiple countries in SEA. The role of the Product Manager is in charge of product management to achieve profitability and growth in the market share.

    Reports to: CEO or Executive Director
    Headcount: Around 8 (Around 5 in Singapore), 200 in total.

    【What you will be working on】
    ・Lead the planning of new products and improvement of existing products
    ・Plan a roadmap for new products and services and improvements to existing products
    ・Set value hypothesis/growth hypothesis by yourself, verify at ultra-high speed, and reflect on the roadmap
    ・Verify product and market fit, customer journey, and pursue the best UX
    ・Pursue a growth hack that matches the stage of the product
    ・Build and train a team
    ・Plan new products/features to develop a new market by closely working with the marketing team
    ・Always catch industry trends and the latest technology information with competitors and utilize them for the development of our own products
    ・Collect opinions from users and lead product updates based on them.
    ・Attend meetings with the management team to understand our business strategy and proceed with product development in line with it.
    ・Leading appropriate product development by connecting the development team, marketing team and management

  • Requirement

    【What they're looking for】
    ・Posses experience as a product manager
    ・Experience in managing UI/UX technical team
    ・Experience in managing not only technical but also business/marketing fit
    ・Contributed to product growth
    ・Hands-on experience with UX (data collection, analysis, reflection in products, etc.)
    ・Able to manage projects with optimal quality and release without delay.
    ・Project Management experience in both waterfall type and agile type.
    ・Experience in a large project as a project manager and successfully brought some results to the project.
    ・Experience in Start-up companies.
    ・Able to direct dynamic page and native apps
    ・Able to direct in construction of infrastructure environment
    ・Able to identify product issues and plan, implement and execute measures to improve them
    ・Able to formulate costs, resources, improvement points, roadmaps, etc. based on goals from a business perspective.
    ・Has a background in marketing and has a track record of expanding product sales of your own products in the past
    ・Posses a wide range of knowledge and trends in the IT field and can constantly update that knowledge.
    ・Deep knowledge of blockchain technology is preferred
    ・Experiences in starting up blockchain/Fintech businesses is preferred

  • Working Hour

    9:00am ~ 6:00pm

  • Benefit

    【What they are offering】
    - Variable Bonus (Depending on company and individual performance.)
    - Annual Leave
    - Medical Leave: 14 days

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