Senior Engineer (Assistant Manager) in Engineering & Maintenance Dept. ID:27347

4,000 SGD ~ 6,000 SGDWest
  • Job Category

    Electrical Engineer, Support/Maintenance/Operation/Training

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    We have a vacancy for Senior Engineer in Engineering & maintenance department.

    JOB TITLE: Assistant Manager (Electrical & Instruments)
    DEPARTMENT: Engineering & Maintenance Department
    REPORTING SUPERVISOR: Engineering & Maintenance Manager
    PURPOSE: To ensure smooth running of the engineering and maintenance works in the company.

    Total Head Count: 80 Employee +
    Team Member: 10 Employee

    Working in our Chemical Plant (Office)


    • Overall in charge of Electrical & Instruments (E&I) and other related work activities.
    • Prepare work specifications and documentation for projects and upgrading work. Coordinate and check project activities from design to production stage for the electrical and instrumentation with PE/contractors.
    • To assist on design and test process software for new project/product and to report timely in case of design issues.
    • Motivation & co-operation with team members.
    • Assistance on plant configuration for changing product.
    • To troubleshoot and improve E&I items and reduce breakdown.
    • Reflect the problems face by his subordinates to the Management.
    • Plan and make proposal for plant equipment/instrument upgrading work.
    • Negotiate the price with contractors.
    • Carry out preventive maintenance program. Coordinate Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) activities and Organise shutdown servicing and calibration activities.
    • Documentation record for Good Manufacturing Practices.
    • Provide training program and orientation to the new staff.
    • Risk assessment and Improve safety awareness for team member.

  • Requirement

    • Singaporean
    • Electrical Engineering ITE/Diploma/Degree
    • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience with Electrical & Instrument & Maintenance
    • Working in Chemical Plant is a must
    • No frequent travel

  • Working Hour

    8:00 ~ 17:00

  • Benefit

    Annual Leave 14 days
    Medical Leave 14 days
    Variable Bonus (Last time 1.4 times)
    Medical Insurance
    Company Pick up bus in every where (Negotiable)
    (Usually home to Plant)

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